The Bottom of the World.

It’s rather tough to sit and lie here in Southern California while fielding e-mails from my riding partner and good samaritan extraordinaire Jeremiah. But it is what it is; as the adage goes. Since leaving me to to get on my way with my medical evacuation Jeremiah has slowly made his way south through Chile […]

WorldRider – Travels From The Sickbed.

It took a broken leg and a medivac return to the United States to get the first WorldRider PodCast up and published. Want to know why it took so long? You’ll have to download it and listen. Truthfully, this is really a non-official first PodCast here on WorldRider. I did this very quickly from my […]

Goodbye Staples. Hello Weight.

It’s been 29 days since my accident in Tica Tica, Bolivia. 26 days since my surgery in Newport Beach, California. I’m moving around on the crutches more easily. I’m off the narcotics and have switched to Advil. My leg still stiffens up at night. I wake. Stretch and flex the bugger. Then have a hard […]

Hospital Daze & Nights.

I tried to get as much sleep as possible that first night in the hospital. It’d been a long journey to get here — three and a half days to be exact. But I’d spend the next three and a half in that hospital bed. I gave the nursing staff and my doctor a scare […]

Where’s Doc?

I’m getting tired of sleeping, pain killers and doing nothing. Some say I should relish in my down time. I’d like to spice it up. I’m coming along. The nights are the hardest. Between pain medicine wearing off and my leg immobile for hours while I sleep, I wake up stiff and in pain. A […]