Where’s Doc?

I’m getting tired of sleeping, pain killers and doing nothing. Some say I should relish in my down time. I’d like to spice it up.

I’m coming along. The nights are the hardest. Between pain medicine wearing off and my leg immobile for hours while I sleep, I wake up stiff and in pain. A couple pills and then it takes a couple hours to go back to sleep. Inevitably it’s hopeless, so I make up for it during the day. A vicious circle, but what it is.

I found an incredibly generous man and motorcyclists who owns several businesses in Bolivia to take care of Doc. He picked up my motorcycle form Macuquina Dora Hotel in Potosi. Jeremiah arranged for a truck to make the 4-hour journey from Tica Tica to the hotel. Jorge Morata, the contact I met through Horizons Unlimited picked up my bike last week and trucked it to one of his offices where he will take good care of it until I can return to Bolvia and have a second stab at that road.



Looks like Jorge still has the injured side stand. It wasn’t the weld from Ipiales, Columbia that was compromised,

it was the nuts and bolts from BMW looks like…also looks like I lost a cover to my PIAA light on the left side,

something to bring back with me. Jorge covered up Doc and will take good care of the bike while I heal.

Meanwhile, I countdown the days until I return to Dr. Chang to have these surgical staples removed from my leg. Just rubbing against the sheets or comforter in bed sometimes pulls and yanks on them. No fun. To alleviate my boredom and to quench my desire to be creative, I find myself taking pictures of Angie’s cats. Here’s one just for fun.


Sonoma basking in the sunshine.

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