WorldRider: Memorable Places & Faces. Speed. And The Ugly American Myth.

Join Allan Karl with his guests Teri & Chuck Bruno as they point hard questions at WorldRider about speed, memorable events, technology and more. Longtime friends of Allan, Teri & Chuck grill him while sharing a bottle of wine about the first 7 months and 22,000 miles in this 30 minute PodCast edition of the […]

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Crashes & Accidents In My Old Stomping Grounds

Have you been following the international news? There’s always a crisis and seemingly always people dying. Earlier this week a group of Americans taking a side trip in Northern Chile by bus to Lauca National Park died when the bus driver had to swerve to avoid an oncoming truck. The bus went tumbling down hundreds […]

Live: ABC News Tonight & NightLine

While I haven’t made it to Africa quite yet on my WorldRider Journey, it appears my brother Jonathan beat me to it. A couple weeks ago he wandered around Algeria, Mali, Chad and who knows where else. His mission? Spending some quality time with US Special Forces as they trained anti-terrorist militia groups from various […]

WorldRider and World Rider updates.

My apologies for not getting an update posted since the beginning of this month. But I’ve been making progress on my rehab and fortunately have had the pleasure of entertaining visitors. Thanks to Bryan Roe my former partner and co-founder of Wirestone who along with his wife Michelle and 4-year old daughter joined me in […]

WorldRider: What’s Goin’ On With Big Al?

Flying in from New York City for a weekend and PodCast interview is my special guest extraordinaire, Mr. Tim Amos. Tim checks in on my recovery, rehabilitation and plans to finish what I set out to do. Please join Tim and I for a 20 minute update on WorldRider and more. You can listen/download the […]

Miah Makes It!

I was a bit worried when I heard from Jeremiah on Sunday: I crossed the Straights of Magellan on a 3-hour ferry ride yesterday: I am now officially on the island of Tierra del Fuego. But though I am only 284 miles short of my southernmost goal on the island’s opposite tip–I simply cannot go […]