WorldRider and World Rider updates.

My apologies for not getting an update posted since the beginning of this month. But I’ve been making progress on my rehab and fortunately have had the pleasure of entertaining visitors.

Amos EncinitasThanks to Bryan Roe my former partner and co-founder of Wirestone who along with his wife Michelle and 4-year old daughter joined me in Carlsbad for much needed catch up time.

Last weekend the legend Mr. Tim Amos who I met more than 20 years ago in Syracuse while attending the Newhouse school there. Tim made the long journey from NYC for the weekend where we pulled corks, listened to music and delved into “serious” discussions. We also took a few minutes to record a short interview which is the subject of the lastest WorldRider PodCast – listen to it here.

Finally, this past weekend supports Chuck and Teri Bruno joined me for more cork pulling rehabilitation and yet another interview which will be the next PodCast Edition to be posted sometime next week. Stay tuned.

Viento Penguin

Jeremiah’s El Viento and “The March of the Penguins” in Southern Argentina

Enough of what I’m doing here in Southern California, ut more importantly, where are the other World Riders? Specifically Mr. Jereimiah (Miah) St. Ours? I’ve been tracking him since he landed his rubber in Usuaia on March 1st. Tracking the elusive Penguins of South America — you don’t need to travel to Antarctica to see penguins — and making his way to Buenos Aires.

Dude! […] I´m near Punto Tambo where today I saw my first penguins! Man, it was awesome! They were all just walking around. The weather sucked–super windy and overcast with sporadic rain–but I think I got some decent shots. 150 miles of dirt roads in high, gusty wind, man I am thrashed […]

But he has had quite the ride. I had suggested changing his chain and sprocket in Santiago, but looking in good shape he pushed on to the Southern Most City in the World and blew off the drivetrain maintenace. But it’s been catching up with him.

[…] rear sprocket is SHOT and my chain needs adjustment every 100 miles. I´ll be limping into BA for sure, where I´ll need tires, brakes, coolant, spark plugs, sprockets, chain, oil, you name it. My sprocket is so pointy and sharp it´ll cut ya! I may not make it all the way to BA. […]

But he didn’t make it to Buenos Aires.

[…] You won’t believe what just happened. I am stranded in Bahia Blanca with a rear sprocket that has now worn down so much it is unsafe to ride. 8 of the teeth are missing altogether! The others are sharp and pointed and ready to break off!

I found a Honda store but it’s closed until Monday, so I get a room at a hotel across the street–I can’t ride even one more mile with my bike the way it is. To do so would risk certain catastrophic failure of essential parts that would endanger my life and the bike.[…]

Things get worse for the poor guy. Not only does riding your bike in the slick and slippery mud of Tica Tica threaten the success of a World Ride, it appears that walking in close proximity to your bike could prove similarly dangerous.

[…] So, the hotelier tells me about another Honda shop that’s within walking distance. I go there, but they’re closed too. On my way back I am crossing in a crosswalk on a red light when a guy comes squeeling around the corner and RUNS ME OVER! Literally! […]

But Miah faired a bit better than me even though he got thrown for a loop.

[…] I am now back at the hotel with ice on my arm and I’m OK, but thank God I was still wearing my boots and riding gear! His car’s hood took me out at the knees, I flew up in the air and came down on his hood. I then slid forward and onto the pavement. He slammed on his brakes and stopped the car less than a foot from my head! Man, in one second my whole trip, maybe my whole life, was over–and I wasn’t even on my bike! In fact I left the bike at the hotel and walked because I deemed the bike too dangerous to ride in its present condition! […]

But connecting with a bunch of riders, Jeremiah did what we all do when trying to move on with limited resources, he jerry rigged a sprocket and is no in Buenos Aires trying to get his package out of hock at Argentinian customs.

[…] had a good day. Bought a Honda XR600 sprocket for $8, drilled 6 new holes in it, then opened the center hole up on a lathe so that it matches the BMW hub. The front sprocket is OK and the chain will last to B.A. (19,000 miles and a lot of dirt on this set!) I’m ready to roll on to B.A. at dawn. Biggest problem: my parts package[…] is locked down in Customs–under-valued! […]

Stay tuned for more updates from Miah.

I understand that World Rider Glenn Heggsted, aka The Striking Viking, is in Mexico after a torcherous shipping delay in Africa. He will be crossing the border from Mexico and returning to his home in Palm Springs after a 20 month sojourn around the world which began in Japan in July of 2004. I hope to hook up with Glenn after he makes it home for an other edition of a WorldRider PodCast. Stay tuned.

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