Another Surgery In My Future?

Met with Dr. Chang again this morning. We took new x-rays and he says the bones have healed up nicely. I completed 12 sessions of physical therapy and can almost walk (slowly) without a limp. Though I feel my ankle and maybe calf muscles are giving me more problems than where the breaks were. There […]

Happy Anniversary. (aka time flies)

Today marks the 4th month since I landed back in the States and had surgery in Newport Beach. Four months! Where has all the time gone? It’s time to take this anniversary as a compelling reason to share quite a few updates. So hang on. The Leg. Having broken a number of bones in my […]

Details. Details.

Just finished my ninth physical therapy session this morning. Suzie seems to consistently find new exercises for me. The reps are increasing and the timed durations are getting longer. I think my leg is getting stronger. I’m still walking with a limp. And neither of us like this. I’m putting off the MRI until I’ve […]