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Just finished my ninth physical therapy session this morning. Suzie seems to consistently find new exercises for me. The reps are increasing and the timed durations are getting longer. I think my leg is getting stronger. I’m still walking with a limp. And neither of us like this. I’m putting off the MRI until I’ve got a couple months of therapy under my belt. I feel I’m walking better. But I get tired quickly. And when this happens I fall into a bad limp that stresses and strains other body parts. But these things take time. Everyone tells me this. So patience while waiting.

A few weeks back I shipped my BMW Top Case back to BMW Santa Cruz County to see if they could do something about the leaking. Today they called and are ready to ship the case back. They replaced the upper seal. Though I was told that the story around the BMW community is these top cases for the F650 series are not water tight. Well that doesn’t do anyone any good. Why do they sell them if they know they are not water tight? Why would anyone buy one? The case worked well for me until I got into Chiapas when relentless rains revealed a breach in my top case. So the case will be shipped to me this week. I’ll put the garden hose test to it on arrival and report back. Fingers crossed. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this same phenomena or heard the same thing from their BMW dealer.

I also had a leak develop in one of my Jesse bags. So I shipped those back to Al the same time. Haven’t heard back from him, but a few bike drops also put some minor dents in the bags so I’m having him straighten them while he’s working on the bags. More later.

I hope to fire up another PodCast in the next week, so stay tuned.

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  1. Cristian
    Cristian says:

    Dear Allan,
    It’s me…Cristian from Chile.
    About the Jesse bags, well they are great but not perfect, nor Touratech either. I had the Jesse bags on my trip from Santiago to NYC 21.000 miles in 77 days and I had to face tons of rain, extrem humidiy in the Amazon jungle and much more killing tempertures, so the rubber seal won’t last, the vibration will shake the screws like crazy and some fall downs will bend the upper lid BUT there’s hope for all this…INNER BAGS, water proof!
    I met a guy from Germany on my trip and he gave a great advise: “ugly alumimiun YES, but dry stuff ALWAYS”, he meant that his hand made aluminium bags were ugly, I must admit, but he bought the best inner bags, water proof and to make sure of that he threw his bags into the swimming pool of the hotel we stayed in Colombia and WOW those things could walk on water and all his personal belongings were complitly dry.
    Top cases…all I can say…get rid of it because they are easy to brake and not very confortable to carry around when you are tired and get to a hotel, instead I use what I saw at, where Heldge Pedersen uses…a proffesional photo equipment back pack made by Dry Zone 200…that’s the model. You can buy it use for about $200 on Ebay…I got mine there and it was new for that price…so it can’t get any better and is also water proof…lap top, camara, passport and all the most important things you can put in there.
    MOST important of all…get better because you know that MI CASA ES TU CASA, my house is your house, so when you get back on the saddle and hit the road towards Santiago…let me know to kill the cow and start the fire, because you will eat the best meet ever, taste the best wines and meet many of my bike friends.
    Stay “en route”
    Cristian from Chile


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