The Recoleta: Infamous Cementario

During the boom-time and for years later, those wealthy Porteños looking to immortalized themselvesselves and their family name would purchase a plot and build their own monument. Often employing the best artisans and using the finest Italian marble, the result is one of the most spectacular collection of mausoleums, statues and sarcophagi containing the crypts, […]

Buenos Aires: The Boca.

City cruising Buenos Aires (photo by Tim Amos) People from Buenos Aires are known as Porteños, which translated means from the Port. Without getting into an Argentinean historical discourse, it’s important to note that during the third presidency of the young Argentinean country, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, that progress excelled and population boomed. For about 25 […]

Buenos Aires: Microcenter & Plaza de Mayo

Feeling local and taking the Subte to get around the city, Tim and I took in the sights while doing our best to find the best steaks, wine and history. In the US we have the White House. In Argentina, we have the Casa Rosada. The difference is the Argentine president works in this house, […]

Sunday San Telmo and RiverPlate Futbol – Buenos Aires

Every Sunday the historic and continually being restored colonial neighborhood of San Telmo ignites with street musicians, a bustling antique market around Plaza Borrego and real Tango shows in crowded pubs and cafés. But perhaps even more fun is coming here to watch the people who come to shop, walk, eat and drink. With several […]

Saturday With Friends. Buenos Aires & Miles From Home.

After so many months on the road and changing locales practically every day, there’s a certain level of relief when you allow yourself time to wind down, and truly experience a place. Even better is when after so long and so many miles that a friend journeys afar to visit and share the experience. We […]

Goodbyes & Hellos. Welcome to Buenos Aires.

Beach of Carilo on the Atlantic Coast of Argentina south of Buenos Aires. Sadly, my time in Bolivar had to come to an end. But Daniel and I agreed that we would meet sometime soon in Buenos Aires.. There is a sold-out Roger Waters concert sometime in April for which Daniel and Pedro already had […]

The Real Thing: Time For Another Asado.

The Argentina barbecue: Asado. You might remember my first “local” asado in Ushuaia just a couple weeks ago. Well since I landed, Willie, the terminally jolly and fun manager of Daniel’s service station had promised one of his legendary asados. The process is simple: you need a bbq (asador), firewood (leña), meat (carne), beer (cerveza), […]

One Hundred Years On The Campo.

Agriculture is arguably Argentina’s most important industry. From the hundreds of thousands of sheep herded in Patagonia to the infamous cattle that yields the best steak in the world to the sunflowers, soy, herbs, vegetables, vineyards and more, it’s history is long and rich. Perhaps it started with the Jesuit missionaries who first taught the […]

Bolivar. Friends. Family. Fun.

Never a stranger. From Daniel’s family to all his friends I never felt like a stranger. They all seem to know me, where I’d been and how I’d met Daniel. But one part of the Argentina culture that truly came alive for me in Bolivar was the custom of greeting friends with a small kiss […]

Infamous Ruta 3 – Argentina

It still amazes me at what time the Argentineans eat dinner. After a long day of cruising to Cabo Virgenes and hanging out with my new penguino (penguins) friends, finding an economical hotel with secure parking for Doc and washing up I headed out to dinner. I walked around the small town of Rio Gallegos […]