Buenos Aires: Microcenter & Plaza de Mayo

Feeling local and taking the Subte to get around the city, Tim and I took in the sights while doing our best to find the best steaks, wine and history.

Bsas Casa Rosada

Bsas Casarosada2

In the US we have the White House. In Argentina, we have the Casa Rosada. The difference is the Argentine president works in this house, he doesn’t live here.

Bsas Catedraltop

Colonial and turn of century buildings span for blocks around the Plaza de Mayo.

Bsas Colonial Subte

To get to know a city is to get to know the mass transit system. The subte (subterreanean/subway) gets you around the city quickly and efficiently. Though can be sweaty, crowded and uncomfortable during rush hour.

Bsas Plazademayo Banco

A glorious old bank that now hosts a museum on the Plaza de Mayo in the microcenter of Buenos Aires.

Bsas Plazademayo Catedral

Teh falme burning outside the Buenos Aires “Catedral” represents liberty and is the flame of the lierator San Martin. His tomb is inside the cathedral.

Bsas Plazademayo Catedralcu

Bsas Plazademayo Oblsk

The obelisk is like the George Washington Monument. I still have to find out who had it first.

Bsas Streetsign Bolivar

Street and directional signs aren’t always easy to find. This street honors another liberator of South America.

Buenos Aires Old New

Buenos Aires mixes the best of the old and the modern.

Charity Buenos Aires

He wasn’t a begger. But I had to give him a coin. He wanders the streets trying to sell dish towels. Bizarre. (photo by Tim Amos)

Tim Riotsquad - Version 2

Tim must be on the list of rabble rousers as he walks by the riot squad.

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