Two Years And Counting.

I started my journey two-years ago today. With an interruption from January to October in 2006 due to my broken leg mishap in Bolivia, I’ve been on the road for 15 months, visited 17 countries and logged 35,228 miles. It was originally a two year journey. And it was about now that I HAD dreamed […]

Taking and Talking With Rio Cab Drivers

Last night I enjoyed some great Sushi at Sushi LeBlon a few beaches down the road. Though I walked here earlier along the world famous Ipanema Beach, I decided to take a cab home. Later I learned that the buses were much cheaper, and frankly easier. The music he’s playing is not Brazilian. It’s great, […]

Rio de Janeiro

For the further out places, I take taxi's, buses and white vans that cruise up and down the boulevards picking up people for a couple "reals". ... A two station cable car whirs you up to the top of this signature mountain in Rio de Janeiro.