Taking and Talking With Rio Cab Drivers

Last night I enjoyed some great Sushi at Sushi LeBlon a few beaches down the road. Though I walked here earlier along the world famous Ipanema Beach, I decided to take a cab home. Later I learned that the buses were much cheaper, and frankly easier.

The music he’s playing is not Brazilian. It’s great, classic live bluesy rock guitar. It’s very good and I must know who it is. The cabbie speaks no English, but we get by. It’s Ritchie Blackmore with Ronnie James Dio, a rare recording of “Mistreated” he found on the internet. Funny. Listening to Ritchie Blackmore while riding down Copacabana Beach. We chat and he starts talking about the Brazilian people. He says to me, “we have much poverty in Brazil and South America, but we are a very happy and loving people. I don’t what the reason for this…” He’s young, clean shaven with a couple tasteful tattoos. This music is clearly not his generation. He looks directly into my eyes through the rear view mirror and laments that “music today just isn’t cutting it – rock – rock that is.” He tells me he looks but it’s hard to find good music anymore. He likes Brazilian music, but he’s interested in learning more about music.

Rio Dj38 - Version 2

The biggest avocado I’ve ever seen at Sushi LeBlon.

Catedral Metropolitana.

Rio City10 - Version 2

The massive Catedral Metropolitana was inaugurated after twelve years of construction in 1976. The stained glass windows are incredible and stretch for more than 150 feet toward the ceiling.

Rio City1 - Version 2

Rio Dj6

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