Sorting in Windhoek

Sitting in the highlands in central Namibia, Windhoek is home to ten percent of the country’s tiny population of 2.5 million. Like Swakopmund the young city exudes its German ancestry through its architecture. Windhoek is the center of action and serves as the primary crossroads for most people visiting this country. As the business and […]

Riding the C28 to Windhoek

The community of motorcycle riders never ceases to amaze me. I know of no other means of transportation that attracts common threads like a motorcycle. In fact, most travelers slip through cities anonymous and without making an impression or attracting attention other than to the taxis, souvenir hawkers, panhandlers or tourist offices. They blend in, […]

Finding Food In Swakopmund

Dining in Swakopmund. As the second largest city in Namibia, Swakopmund plays host to holiday residents looking to escape the heat of the inland deserts and plains. Fortunately settled and comfortable in my Deutches Haus hotel, for my holiday in this colorful slice of Germany hanging on the fringe of the Namib Naukluft Park, I […]

Merry Christmas!

While Christmas Eve in the United States typically is a mad rush until 6pm or later for last minute shoppers to find gifts for loved ones and families, holiday party planners making mad runs to the supermarket for food, booze and assorted goodies and everyone else jockeing through traffic to get home to be with […]

Where Am I?

If someone blindfolded you and dropped you into downtown Swakopmund Namibia you’d be hard-pressed to identify the place as Africa. Walking along the promenade with the pounding surf of the Atlantic, Swakopmund in the shadow of its signature lighthouse, the very well preserved colonial architecture offers clues and picturesque evidence of the regions history. Wait! […]

Crossing The Mighty Namib Naukluft Desert

I had to pull myself away from my camera to get on with making the journey across this desert and to the seaside town of Swakopmund It was inevitable. My visit in Sossulvlei took longer than I planned. And with 300km of questionable quality dirt roads to Swakopmund, I probably pushed a bit too much. […]

Sossulvlei. Sunrise Perspective From The Ground.

I spent most of the morning at the dunes. There’s a 60km tar road that leads into the park from the entrance gate. Paying N$80 for me and N$10 for Doc I sped down the nicest new tar I’d seen in awhile. Then there’s deep sand 5km from Sossuvlie. 4×4 Shuttles take you in for […]

Day Folds Into Night In The Bush.

One Last Night In Sossulvlei. Bliss in the bush.

The Dune Sea.

Ever since seeing photographs of these dunes in picture books I've dreamed of coming to Namibia to see how such marvels of nature could exists -- and if they really looked like those pictures we've all seen.... That afternoon the tour director at Sossulvei Lodge offered me to fly with a Swiss traveler who was going on the 45 minute flight regardless if any others joined.

Exotic Game in Sossusvlei

Perhaps the trademark or signature image of Namibia comes from the glorious orange colored dunes of of the Namib Desert — perhaps most famously are those of Sossusvlei. Tucked into the central Namib surrounded by vast arid plains dotted with acacia and quiver trees and various desert shrubs such as sage or some sort of […]