WorldRider Get Together in DC This Weekend.

Does anyone want to meet in Washington, DC / Virginia this weekend? I just picked up my bike from the Port of Baltimore and will be at my brother Jonathan’s place this weekend. On Saturday we’re holding an informal “open house” welcoming me and Doc back to the states. We’d love to have you drop […]

Back In The U.S.A.

The Marine Memorial – aka Iwa Jima in Virginia across the Potomac. Brother Jon & good friend Tim, who met me in Argentina and Chile in 2006 sitting atop Charlie Palmer’s in Washington DC with a nearly full moon and the usual “hill” sites while sipping some legendary Italian Vin Santo. A good ole BBQ […]

Welcome Back to USA: Disaster & Ripped Off.

Well it should have been an easy task. Get my brother Jon to take a bit of time and shuttle me up to the Port of Baltimore, where Doc would be waiting for me. I had locked my boots, helmet and riding pants into the top box and Jesse Bags. My jacket was sent ahead […]