WorldRider Get Together in DC This Weekend.

Does anyone want to meet in Washington, DC / Virginia this weekend? I just picked up my bike from the Port of Baltimore and will be at my brother Jonathan’s place this weekend. On Saturday we’re holding an informal “open house” welcoming me and Doc back to the states. We’d love to have you drop by for a drink, a bite, good stories and conversations.

Allan Karl/WorldRider Returns to USA

Open House: September 6, 2008
McLean, Virginia
If you’re interested in coming please send me a private message or an email here.

I know this is short notice, but I’d love to meet any of you that might ride, travel or live near Washington DC.

Next month when I arrive in California, I’m working on setting up an open house somewhere in Southern California. More to come.

Meanwhile, the blog posts will continue:

On July 4, 2005 I begin this journey. Today more than three years later I have returned to the United States. I shipped my bike from Turkey to Baltimore and will ride across our great country as my journey continues until I return to California.

The blog updates will continue this week for those chapters and stories still left untold – through Jordan, Israel, Syria and Turkey. So please stay tuned. And I’ll continue to blog in real time once I begin my transcontinental journey from DC to Southern California.

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