Retreat, Recovery & Rescue. Baja 500. The Bizarre Outcome.

After scanning the maps and confirming with The Weatherman the Race Mile position last reported for Darkcyd Racing’s Desert Warrior, Raff led our convoy west toward Heroes de la Indenpendencia, a tiny village about halfway between Ensenada and San Felipe on Baja California’s Route 3. Without an accurate GPS position and useless GPS maps, Raff […]

If El Diablo Can’t Stop The Desert Warrior, What Can?

The Darkcyd Racing Team’s Rally Raid UK built Desert Warrior blasted through the Ensenada Aqueducts and onto the track heading to Ojos Negros, about 35 miles into the race where the track crosses Baja California’s Route 3. Tara, Gary and I throttled our rented Buick SUV down the pavement while Raff, Bill, Tommy and the […]

Putting the Desert Warrior Back Together Again.

The Darkcyd Racing Team’s Desert Warrior, a custom-built off-road racing vehicle designed to endure perhaps the toughest race on the planet—The Dakar—sat at the team camp at Estero Beach just south of Ensenada. Unsure if the Desert Warrior, made by well-known British builder Rally Raid UK, would be able to run in the 2011 Tecate […]

Always Plan With Contingency In Mind: Tecate Score Baja 500

The day before a big race always creates a halo of excitement, tension and tentativeness among race teams and crews and even blogger photographers. Darkcyd Racing and driver Robb Rill had little experience with the lastest steed in its stable: The Rally Raid UK built Desert Warrior — a complex and sturdy machine engineered, initially, […]

Baja 500 – Mexico – Inspection & Pre-run

When it comes to adventure and travel spontaneity can be a friend or it can be a foe. When friend, fellow motorcyclist and rally racing car driver Robb Rill asked me to join him once again for another race in Mexico, I was excited and ready to continue to learn and explore this exciting sport. […]

Darkcyd Racing South of the Border – From WRC Rally Mexico to The Baja 500

On the heels of its successful showing (2nd place in class) the Darkcyd Racing Team has been busy preparing a new vehicle for entry into the legendary SCORE Baja 500 – a brutal and grueling race down the roughest terrain on the Baja California Peninsula just south of San Diego. With a lifelong dream to […]

Darkcyd Racing Documentary Film Now Online

To Finish Is To Win – WRC Rally Mexico As a reader of this blog, you’ll remember the trials and tribulations of the Darkcyd Racing Team and its bid to finish at the World Rally Championship (WRC) in León Mexico. During the race several photographers and videographers contributed pictures and footage that has now been […]