Darkcyd Racing South of the Border – From WRC Rally Mexico to The Baja 500

On the heels of its successful showing (2nd place in class) the Darkcyd Racing Team has been busy preparing a new vehicle for entry into the legendary SCORE Baja 500 – a brutal and grueling race down the roughest terrain on the Baja California Peninsula just south of San Diego.

With a lifelong dream to race in the even more legendary Paris to Dakar Rally,201105301302.jpg 201105301303.jpg which now takes place in South America and spans over three countries in 20 days, Darkcyd driver (piloto) Robb Rill has been looking for the best possible vehicle in order to compete and contend for finishing the Dakar in the future. As luck would have it, Rill found a vehicle that had been built, tested and fitted specifically for the 2007/2008 (the race takes place over New Yeaers). However, the Dakar Rally officials canceled the 2007/2008 race due to the brutal massacre of tourists in Mauritania in late 2007. Since then the Rally moved to South America.

The vehicle was shipped back to the United States (most Dakar vehicles are only available in Europe and abroad) and remained garaged into Rill found it and made the deal just after returning from WRC Rally Mexico in March.

Since March the Darkcyd team and technicians have been working on its own enhancements and modifications. Next week Darkcyd Racing Team heads to Baja California to compete and test the new vehicle as part of a pre-run for Dakar—ideally this December.

Darkcyd Racing Team Desert Warrior - Dakar or Bust

Darkcyd Racing Team’s new Desert Warrior – will tackle SCORE Baja 500 in June 2011 – and ultimately Dakar in Argentina later this year.

desert warrior 036.jpg
The Baja 500 spans a couple days and races down the entire Baja Penninsua, 500 brutal miles. But the Dakar Rally? Think 3 weeks and 4,000 miles.
So as I’m writing these words, the Darkcyd Desert Warrior is en-route to Ensenada and the team of drivers, technicians and support personal will be in place for the exciting race later this week. Once again, I’ve been invited to be part of the team as photographer, translator and blogger. So stay tuned to these pages and the @WorldRider Twitter feed for updates on the preparation and race.
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