From Banker to Blogger: The Challenge & Opportunity For Serbian Wine (and it’s good)

Leaving is always tough. There’s ever the fear I missed something. I wonder about Novi Sad. Sadly, I cannot see and experience all the possibilities. Instead, I relish the memories and new friends made here in Novi Sad and move on—promising and intending to stay connected with all. I like this town. Tonight in Belgrade […]

Harvest Party On The Danube: Wedding Cabbage, Turkish Baths, Legendary Syrah

Mirjana and Lenka pick me up at Hotel Zenit just after 9 am. We cross the Danube passing through Petrovaradin and make our way around Fruska Gora and up into the hills, before dropping back down to the Danube in Stari Slankamen to the home of Milan and Snezana Spasic and their Acumincum Winery. Before […]

Women and Wine: Hello Serbia, Let the Discovery Begin!

There’s a BMW dealer in Novi Sad. I whisk out of Ilok early packed and filled, hoping they can replace and install the new bearings for my swing arm. The woman with a pretty smile and seductive eyes at the border of Serbia hardly looks at my passport. She doesn’t ask for any documentation on […]

From Refugee To Winemaker—The Stories On Our Hands—Ivan Buhac

It’s about 10:30 am when Domagoj shows up at the Old Cellar here in Ilok, the medieval town nestled into a hillside along the Danube River in eastern Croatia. My new friend from the local tourist office, Ivica, arranged for Domagoj to take me to his winery and cellar on the other side of town.  […]

Castles, Cellers, and Saints: Tasting History in Ilok, Croatia

The next morning Ivica meets me at the Iločki Podrumi, the Old Cellar. While wandering the medieval town, we connect with Guido Derksen, a travel and guide book writer from The Netherlands who is writing a new guidebook on the region and scheduled to tour the town with Ivica. They both let me tag along […]

The Cold Ride and Warm Welcome: Ilok On The Danube

It’s brisk as I pack my bike outside of Lobagola in Zagreb. A guy walking his dog passes me, stops, and looks at my bike. “Are you Allan?” he asks. I’m stunned. Not only does he speak perfect English, he knows my name. “I am,” I admit, and before I can ask him how he […]

At The Zagreb Crossroads Waiting For A New Radiator

Packed, suited up, and ready to go after my club to the Ljubljana castle, I wait for the owner of my apartment. He shows up with a colleague who wrestles a pair of crutches before climbing out of the car. We climb the stairs to the apartment, but his colleague struggled. His left leg was […]

Building Bridges Where Dragons Watch Over: Ljubljana The Secret City

Even though I’ve been exploring Slovenian back roads and far off the beaten track in Bela Krajina, I’m only about one hundred kilometers from Ljubljana Slovenia’s capital. I ride through scenic Metlika, get caught up in traffic in Novo Mesto, and in less than two hours, I’m in the capital. But something is wrong with […]

Fighting Fires, Fantastic Food, And Wonderful Wine—Just Another Day In Bela Krajina

Check Out Allan Karl WorldRider On His Appearance On The Top-Rated Slovenian Travel Show About His Experience in Slovenia and Bela Krajina at the end of this article. After over two months on the road, I find Bela Krajina the perfect place to slow my pace and take in nature and enjoy the fruits, food, […]

Slovenia: Off The Beaten Track. Uncovering Gems, Tradition, and History

I open the sliding door of my house here at Big Berry and grab the basket sitting on my patio. Filled with fresh eggs, juice, yogurt, cheese, and homemade bread, I prepare a breakfast plate and take a sit on that patio. It’s early, and a gentle mist hovers above the grass and wafts down […]