A Dog’s Life

My last night in the Seattle area. Whether my computer arrived at the Lynwood Apple Store or not, I’m committed to moving on and making my way into British Columbia tomorrow.
Tonight I connected with my friend Jonathan who works as a wine educator for Chateua St. Michelle. We connected at the Barking Frog restaurant in Lynwood when he was finishing a wine tasting with some of the staff and employees of the Chateau.
As I sat down in the dining room of this modernly rustic restaurant I glanced out to a full patio where nearly everone dining had a dog. I was happy they were all outside, but this seemed odd to me. People bringing their dogs to a fine dining restaurant. Jokingly I referred to the place as teh Barking Dog.
Turns out that the dog patio was part of a fund-raising event where for $60 per dog, dog owners could treat their canine to a four-course dinner.
A four-course dinner served to dogs at a fine dining restaurant? Come on! They had to be joking. But no! The money raised by this event is earmarked for animal shelters and finding homes for those poor homeless animals. But looking out on the patio I couldn’t help but see the likeness of the dogs in their owners. Servers would walk to the table with a tray and feed it to the dog.
Now I’ve seen everything. But I regret not inquiring and speaking with some of the dog owners just to see who would bring their dog to such an event. Then again, I think of my friends and dog lovers back in Orange County, Jim and Bonnie and I’d bet given the opportunity their dogs would have an opportunity to taste the fine culinary creations of a four-star chef and a top fine dining restaurant.
Nursing my broken foot, I tasted the wines dined on my own two-course dinner and then followed Jonathan to his estate on a bunch of wooded acres. With over 4,000 square feet of living space, an immense kitchen, complete guest quarters with kitchen and acres away to the closes neighbor, Jonathan’s new digs are a far cry from his previous residence in Orange County.

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