Addo to Hogsback: The Matole Mountains.

The next morning I decided it was time to shove off from Addo and bid my hosts John & Cheryl goodbye while I left them a large map of South America outlined with the route I took. This will adorn a wall in their restaurant and become a new place for travelers to post notices, pictures and stories of experiences and adventures.

John Southamerica Map
John reviews the map of South Africa with my route outlined as he dreams about one day riding a KLR through Latin America.

As I made my way to the Matole Mountains and Hogsback, I soon discovered my reserve fuel light was lit. Checking out the map, I planned to ride a gravel track from Paterson to Grahamstown but early along this route there was a dot on a town called Alicedale. The dot appeared to be bigger than others in the region. My first mistake. Arriving in the tiny desert town of Alicedale, I found two high-end private game reserves. One, the Bushman Sands Resort included an 18-hole Gary Player designed golf course. There was an ATM but at first saw no gas station. A second loop through the 200 meter long main street I saw two gas pumps sitting outside a five and dime type store. Turns out the pumps were locked and nobody knew where I could even get a liter of gas — about all I would need to ensure that I made it to Grahamstown without getting stuck in the bush. The receptionist at the Bushman Sands was even less helpful. She said nobody at Bushman Sands would be able to help me. She also confirmed the distance to Grahamastown, and with this information I knew I’d better get some fuel before venturing on.

I spotted a guy on a four-runner. A paid security guard for the resort he tried but couldn’t help. I started asking anyone and everyone in the parking lot. I finally spotted Brian. with a few teeth missing, thick glasses and a good-sized gut, he was well fed and extremely friendly. When I explained my plight he said wait. Twenty minutes later he showed up in one of those safari adventure vehicles like I saw in Addo and waved me to follow him. Armed with the keys to the pumps outside the five and dime, he filled me up and I was on my way.

Bushman Sands Refuel
Brian & Duncan from the Bushman Sands resort in Alicedale fill Doc with the gas it needs to make it to Grahamstown and beyond without running out!

I continued my journey to the mountain hideaway Hogsback.

Township Colors
Townships are a fact of life in South Africa. But their community planning, architecture and design leave much to be desired. At least the colors are pleasing.

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  1. HarleyDave
    HarleyDave says:

    Outstanding trip and I’ve followed it the whole way. Photos are excellent and you’ve got enough material here for a half dozen books! Hang in man. Thanks for taking us on the ride.

  2. wddog
    wddog says:

    Rich W. in good old Darien here, been following the adventure from time to time after running in to Wendy in Tillie Park about a year ago. Spectacular!
    I was curious if you were planning to be back this way for the reunion?
    All the best,

  3. Hennie
    Hennie says:

    Hi Allen,
    I have really enjoyed your trip after seeing you in Western Cape and following it every day there after. May your next adventure also be as excited.
    Best wishes
    Hennie from South Africa (Natures Valley)

  4. WorldRider
    WorldRider says:

    Great to hear from you. Glad you’ve been able to follow along! Yes. I’m planning on coming back to the reunion! Looking forward to checking in and catching up!

  5. WorldRider
    WorldRider says:

    Hennie – so good to hear from you again… I’m sorry we never did get to ride together but one day… one day I’ll be back and looking forward to catching up with other SA riders!

  6. WorldRider
    WorldRider says:

    John at Orange Elephant in Addo!!!
    Wow! So good to hear from you again. Glad that Cheryl is warming up to the idea and I hope all you guys are healthy and happy and the gangs still roll in and out of Orange Ellie!
    You get to South America and I just might have to spin down and join you for a leg or two… keep me posted.


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