Aleppo – Souq City & The Citadel

For me the most interesting part of traveling new places is simply getting lost in the place and while wandering to be suprised by the visual stimuli and the friendliness of the locals. Aleppo might like to think of itself as contending for the honor of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities. But they’re fighting over a few hundred years here or there. From the centuries old citadel fortress the dominates the cities skyline to the millennia old souqs (partially covered tunnel like arabic markets) I found history and a lot more. I’ll let the pictures do the story telling this time.


Minaret of al-Saffahiyah Mosque and old apartment building windows


Sizing thins up for a big ceremony.


These two boys wandered the souqs with me. THey spoke little English but the boy on the right was eager to practice what he knew.


In the Souq (souk) markets you can buy virtually anything. Each long passage way is somewhat categorized by type of products. Here we have some great olives and of course meat!



Textiles and accessories. Some of the souqs are nearly 2,000 years old.





The grand citadel rises 160 feet above the city on a manmade mound. There have been several over the course of history. This one dates from the 13rth century but was nearly destroyed by earthquakes in the 18th century.


There’s a moat and drawbridge. Sides of the structure are canted at 40 degrees and making it virtually impenetrable.



This is an original door.

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