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Around The World On A Motorcycle | The Journey Continues

The Not So Secret Handshake

The Not So Secret Handshake There are no dues, no terms and conditions, no regular or formal meetings but when you ride a motorcycle you join a club, a fraternal organization of men, women, boys and girls who share only one common activity – they ride a motorcycle. Don’t get me wrong. ONe doesn’t have […]

I Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet

Since climbing the most active in Indonesia’s “Ring of Fire” many years ago I’ve been fascinated with volcanoes. And since leaving Northern California over a week ago I’ve been hot on the trail of the Cascade Mountain range. Stretching from British Columbia (meager Mountain) to Northern California (Lassen Peak), The Cascades roughly parallel the Pacific […]

A WorldRider Retrospective: Looking Back At Last Year.

Today as I gathered my things, packed my bike and headed to Mt. St. Helens I reflected on the fact that one year ago today I had a little mishap which combined with some business events put off my WorldRider journey by nearly a year. I thought it would be interesting to revist the writing […]

The Kindness of Strangers.

Sometimes a GPS navigation just isn’t a good thing. Determined to sharpen my off-road skills I carefully study an analog map and set my sights on a few dirt roads that would take me to Oakridge on the eastern side of The Sisters. I carefully punched in a route into the GPS, setting my road […]

Where The Pavement Ends

“You must be the bravest man in Oregon,” he said to me after pulling off my helmet. “Huh?” I ripped the earplugs from my ears. “You must be the bravest man in Oregon,” he repeated as his wife and another elderly couple walked toward me. “Oh really. Why’s that?” I asked flattered but confused and […]

Fishing For Crater Lake

When one think of travel perhaps the feeling of letting go, freeing up your mind and the ultimate temporary relief of stress. Unless you travel for business, of course. But I’m talking about vacation. It’s vacation time that stirs wanderlust in the minds of most of us. For some this might be umbrella drinks on […]

A Little Reduction.

I’m up much earlier today than yesterday, but I’m going to spend time this morning gathering those loose items I through into my top box and stuffed into pockets and cavities on my or the bike before leaving John’s yesterday. Today’s plan is simple. Get to Crater Lake and then move toward’s Bend, Oregon where […]

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