Cape Town, Cape Point & The Cape of Good Hope

Afk Capeofgoodhope

Haut Bay Brewing

Haut Bay with the storm clouds brewing just south of Cape Town.

Peak Drive

Sadly I couldn’t ride the entire route of Peak Drive due to damage sustained during storms earlier this year. What I did see was stunning.

Windy Cape Point Road

The road leading east from Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope.

Waves Crashing Cape Goodhope

Cape Of Good Hope Beach

The Cape of Good Hope

Cape Town Cape Point

On the eastern side of the Cape Peninsula a pending storm and strong winds created quite the wave scene.

Although it gets all the fame, notoriety and more tourists than the place that truly is the southern most point in South Africa, the Cape of Good Hope is notorious for the rough seas where two oceans, the Atlantic and the Indian meet. Taking in the western and eastern coasts of the Cape Peninsula is an easy day trip from Cape Town. So I freed myself of my panniers and explored the great beaches, spectacular rocky cliffs and headlands of Table Mountain National Park.

Table Mountain forms the spectacular backdrop for Cape Town, though often shrouded in clouds and referred to as “the tablecloth” by locals, this flat-topped mountain provides stunning views of the city and the surrounding coastline. The route that winds around the west coast past Sandy Bay, to Hawk Bay and up on Peak Drive is closed just past Hawk Bay. Storms last March and April took its toll on this cliff hugging twisting and winding road forcing its closure while construction crews try to piece it back together.

On my way out of the city I was treated to a trio of baboons roadside, who then decided to scale an electronic fence. I was amazed that the voltage had no effect on this free-roaming primates. By the time I winded around the tip of the peninsula I found a gathering of African penguins who were more than happy to pose for my camera.

Baboon Capetown

Penguins Heading Downup



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