The Road Back To Athens

I dig Kardymili. Tucked into the hillside on the coast in the northwestern Peloponnese an hour south of Kalamata, it is a quiet town sitting on cliffs that form a small bay with a beach and surrounded by olive groves. There are nice coffee shops, restaurants, souvlaki joints, and a handful of specialty shops run […]

Signs of August: The Greek Holiday Begins

The sign tells all. This popular taverna in Kardamyli shuts down for the entire month of August. The Greeks are hitting the road and the skies. I’m told most Greeks escape Greece or take in their own country during the month of August. It’s probably time for me to head north. But there’s still some […]

The Mani Road to Kardymili

I’d like to stay more days at the bottom of Greece here in Porto Kagio, but the road calls me and it’s time to explore the north. I bid the owners farewell, but before I suit up, the owner helps me repair the 7€ hat I bought in Napflio—the glue holding the black hand that […]

Follow The Mani

The internet at Kali Mera Inn on Elafonisos was hardly acceptable, but I stayed two days, anyway. The beach allures me, and I’m at least sorting through the digital photos and videos that have piled up since the wedding. I also made yet another friend while drifting in the aquamarine waters. From Athens, Makis is […]

Taking It Easy In Elafonisos

With a short ride to Elafonisos, I take advantage of the morning and ride the mile stretch back to the medieval city of Monemvasia, this time to fly the drone and capture the majesty and work that the Byzantines did to create this city some 800 years ago. It’s spectacular. It’s also my late brother […]

Moving To Monemvasia

The two women with brooms and buckets lingering in the hallway outside my small room here at the Mystras Inn make me anxious. I am pushing my check out time. It’s about noon, and it’s hot. I spent almost four hours wandering Mystras, and now I have a two-hour ride to Monemvasia. It looks like […]

The Byzantine State of Things In Mystras

It feels good to be on the bike again. The road calls me often, but the business of the TV show kept me busy for the past year. Even now I am unsure what is happening with Travel or Cooking Channel. Seems merger chaos with Discovery Communications has tossed everyone for a loop. No decision, […]

Post Wedding Day Blues

With just one day more in Greece for most of my Canadian friends and for Pan and Brittany who take off for a few days in Santorini, we all met up in Nafplio to pick up Gyros and souvlaki before heading to Tolon Beach. The Greeks love their beaches. Popular organized beaches are close to […]

The Huge Britt & Pan Greek Wedding Part 2

I cannot believe I’m in Greece. I’m with Doc, my bike, which is a huge thing. Even more, I will celebrate the marriage of my good friend Pan and his beautiful bride Brittany in a small village in the rugged mountains of the Peloponnese. At the Huge B&P wedding Part 1 outside Vancouver Canada, I […]

Celebrating Name Day With A Pig Roast & Pink Mountain Wine!

South of Nafplio, the first capital of modern day Greece, is the small village of Kiveri. On the coast in the Peloponnese about two hours west of Athens, Kiveri is the hometown of Panayioti’s (aka “Pan” — the producer of my TV show and who has traveled with me to China, Iceland, and Mexico) mother […]