Post Wedding Day Blues

Sunrise on Kiveri Beach while a fishing boat awaits its next sail.

With just one day more in Greece for most of my Canadian friends and for Pan and Brittany who take off for a few days in Santorini, we all met up in Nafplio to pick up Gyros and souvlaki before heading to Tolon Beach.

The Greeks love their beaches. Popular organized beaches are close to towns and often offer umbrellas or palapas and chaise lounges for a nominal fee. Nearby cafes provide them free if you take advantage of their beachside service. Whatever you like, cold drinks, food, beer, and booze.

The water is nearly as warm as a spa, and most everyone stands shoulder deep in the water and continues the conversation, often taking time out to play the Greek version of beach “smash ball” — using tennis balls that get heavier and heavier as they get waterlogged from failed returns or bad tosses!

I’ve got one more day in Kiveri before firing up Doc and making my way deeper into the Peloponnese. My plan is to head to Mystras, outside of Sparta, and then make my way south, exploring the southernmost tips of the first two of the three fingers of the Peloponnese peninsulas.

It’s a sad farewell, yet I hope to see Pan and Jaime somewhere and sometime on this Eastern Europe 2018 adventure as we are eager to film and tell more stories for the television show.


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