Darkcyd Racing Documentary Film Now Online

To Finish Is To Win – WRC Rally Mexico As a reader of this blog, you’ll remember the trials and tribulations of the Darkcyd Racing Team and its bid to finish at the World Rally Championship (WRC) in León Mexico. During the race several photographers and videographers contributed pictures and footage that has now been […]

The Last Day is the Best Day — WRC Rally Mexico With Darkcyd Racing

With the team feeling better about Saturday’s successes, rolling into Sunday with less apprehension and the level excitement seen on everyone’s faces. Though the crew knew that lurking above was the harbinger of doom: will the brakes last another day of racing? Trailing just a few minutes behind Fricke and his Rally Team of Dreams […]

Darkcyd Deserves A Brake: Day 2 WRC Rally Mexico

By the time the second day of WRC Rally Mexico started, only 5 Rally America group cars were still in the race. The rough roads, intense heat and constant beating of cars had whittled the pack in half. The Darkcyd Racing Team strategy was simple: finish the race. Around the pit there was apprehension about […]

Facing Challenges: WRC Mexico Rally

With the first day of real rally racing ahead, the team was up early and ready to send Rob and Ben off to the first Alfaro stage, a 26km (15.6 miles) of wide and sweeping turns on a fairly good gravelly surface which gets tighter and more twisty in the last 5km. . In rally […]

Scrutineering Finds Problems With Darkcyd Racing’s Rally Car

Word on the street from WRC/FIA scrutineering inspectors that if all safety equipment was in order, the Rally America teams competing in WRC Rally Mexico would pass inspection quickly and without hassle. But for the more than six teams that were sent back due to bad welds, the story was much different. Ken Block and […]

From Reconnaissance to Scrutineering—Final Countdown to Racing.

The preparation, logistics and communication required to participate in a professional world class rally competition is enormous. The task is compounded when importing a vehicle, spare parts, tools and additional equipment into a foreign country, in this case Mexico. DarkCyd Racing has compiled a competent technical team, most arriving late yesterday, including lead technician, Ken […]

Bienvenidos a Mexico: León City. State of Guanajuato.

Other than a slightly delay in our departure from DFW and a 100-mph headwind causing an hour delay in my arrival, the trip to Mexico was smooth as can be expected. I was met at the airport by, Kenny, one of Darkcyd Racing’s newest team members. With accommodations and the other earlier arrivals from our […]

Heading To Mexico – World Rally Championship

Sitting at gate 27 in the San Diego International Airport, I will soon board a flight to Dallas/Fort Worth where I’ll connect with a small jet aircraft and head to Guanajuato/Leon airport in the Guanajuato state of Mexico. Yes. I’m flying and Doc, my fabled bike sits home alone. With more time, I’d make the […]

Baja California. History. Water. Endangered. And Great Photography.

Imagine California more than 150 years ago. Until Spain recognized Mexico’s sovereignty in 1821, California was a Spanish colony. This colony was separted by two missionary factions. In the North, Alta California was governed by the Franciscan missions and to the south Baja California was under Frandiscon mission rule. But the young sovereign Mexico soon […]

Going For The Border

Some days things can go all wrong. Not that I’d throw the last couple days into the “bad day” bucket, but I might’ve preferred a different outcome. The plan was simple enough. Get an early start, ride with our new Chiapas friends (Hernon, Pancho, Roger and Chata) to Comitán where we’d have breakfast then make […]