Zipping Through The Time Tunnels of Guanajuato

I don’t think anything could have prepared me for the entrance I made into Guanajuato this afternoon. My expectations about this great Spanish-colonial city were set high. As I negotiated the turns, intersections, topes (speed bumps) and traffic lights into the city my eyes roamed the hills, the roads and the people. Where was the […]

Trying To Get Out of Zacatecas

The plan was simple. An early start, coffee, breakfast and make our way to Guanajuato. Jeremiah was his usual dutiful self this morning. Packed, face shield cleaned and clothes neatly folded and laying on the bed he made after waking up. Deciding to forego dressing in riding gear for our morning stroll down Avenida Hildago […]

The Streets of Zacatecas

Seems these last few days in Mexico I’ve been moving a bit slower than usual. Maybe I’ve been here too long and the concept of siesta, sitting around or simply lounging as locals do has consumed me. Forget my intentions, but getting up, breakfast, packing and moving on seems to happen and the crack of […]

It Doesn’t Matter If You’re Not Hungry, Eat & Enjoy!

Durango. Sombrerete. Zacatecas. There’s so much to see. And even on this lengthy journey, I sometimes feel I’ve got to keep moving. Often I wonder when I can have a vacation from this hectic day to day traveling. We blasted out of Durango this morning headed for Zacatecas. My bike was riding well, but my […]

Breaking the Rules

Hildago de Parral and Durango – Riding the Sierra Madre I broke my cardinal rule number one this evening as I rode into Hidalgo de Parral, a small city halfway between Creel and Durango in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Riding in the dark. A late start compounded with mile after mile of tight and […]

Tarahumara Country

The indigenous people that populate the hills, canyons and small towns that surround Creel are easily identified as I cruise through the town and the surrounding area by their colorful brightly patterned fabric. The women wear long pleated skirts and some of the men loin cloths and long-sleeved shirts. In the faces of the older […]

Copper Canyon, Mexico

Arriving in Creel, the center of the Tarahumara region. Approximately 50,000 of the indigenous Tarahumara live in the Sierra’s around Creel and in the massive canyon system known as Barranca del Cobre. My last visit here In November 2003 I was lucky to witness some of the festivities that surround Die de la Muerte (day […]

Bound For Los Mochis

With my new shock installed and meeting new friends in La Paz, I load the bike on the huge ferry bound for Los Mochi’s, a mid-sized town between Mazatlan and Ciudad Obregon on the coast of the Sea of Cortez. I noticed a line of bikes tied with frayed rope and leaning against a rail […]

Up to date! Bound For Mainland Mexico!

With a new shock and a desire to get on the road, today I opt to not rush to make the ferry but instead get completely up to date on the blog, do laundry and secure my packing – including that damn tire that’s been my nemesis since leaving San Diego. I’m thinking of taking […]

Suspension? Shock? Overrated. But Thankfully I’m Not Bouncing Anymore!

With my bike parts filling a small greasy cardboard box, its sub-frame lying on the floor and a guy painting an old Honda 750 just 10 feet away from me, Luis raises his hammer and says “I’m a Mexican, I can fix anything with a hammer.” Thank god my package finally arrived late last night. […]