Up to date! Bound For Mainland Mexico!

With a new shock and a desire to get on the road, today I opt to not rush to make the ferry but instead get completely up to date on the blog, do laundry and secure my packing – including that damn tire that’s been my nemesis since leaving San Diego.

I’m thinking of taking the ferry to Los Mochis, a few hundred miles north of Mazatlan and then taking the train with my bike aboard to Creel which is in the Mexican state of Chihuahua and is the gate to the Copper Canyon, the largest Canyon system in the world. There’s a get together sponsored by Horizon’s Unlimited of adventure motorcyclists next week. I attended this meeting two years ago and several friends I met there are strongly persuading me to make an appearance and give a presentation on my travels to date. I’m still not sure if I’ll make that journey, at this point on just want to be out of Baja and onto mainland mexico. I’m concerned about weather and road conditions south from Chiapas, plus I’d like to reconnect with Sacha.

So I’m off to catch the ferry tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned for updates from mainland Mexico next week. And what a relief. My website is now current. And up to date!

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