Fishing For Crater Lake

When one think of travel perhaps the feeling of letting go, freeing up your mind and the ultimate temporary relief of stress. Unless you travel for business, of course. But I’m talking about vacation. It’s vacation time that stirs wanderlust in the minds of most of us. For some this might be umbrella drinks on […]

A Little Reduction.

I’m up much earlier today than yesterday, but I’m going to spend time this morning gathering those loose items I through into my top box and stuffed into pockets and cavities on my or the bike before leaving John’s yesterday. Today’s plan is simple. Get to Crater Lake and then move toward’s Bend, Oregon where […]

Long Goodbyes.

Long goodbyes. You know the kind. There’s always something to be said, a hug to share or a bit of sage advice your bound to give or receive when you leave someone.j Whether you’re heading to the grocery store, back home or around the world. As my possession slowly transformed from loose belongings strewn around […]

Hanging In Humboldt

Today I go with Johnny A and his girlfriend Kendra to pick up Sienna, Kendra’s 9-year old daughter who will return home after two-weeks at Camp Winnarainbow. These two-weeks were the first time Sienna and her mom have been separated for such a time since birth. Camp Winnarainbow is a joint venture of Wavy Gravy […]

Late Arrival. Another Day.

I decide that with such a late arrival last night that I really want to spend time with Ken and Robin before heading north. Ken and I do a bunch of errands and he helps me figure a better packing strategy. I felt that the bike was a little “back heavy” on the trip up. […]


I carry the panniers to the bike. Then the dry bags. Then the tank panniers. And the tank bag. I stuff items of questionable purpose or utility into the top box. Loose ends get stashed in the tank bag. Other things are jammed into the pockets of my riding jacket. I gotta get out of […]

Closing Up Life.

Attending to final business of closing up life. And then working on packing strategy. I acquired many items in the last two weeks that I haven’t even opened. My time for the last couple weeks was focused on moving out of my house and selling my possessions. If my motorcycle had feelings and could express […]

Where Are They?

All my possessions are scattered everywhere in Angie’s bedroom. Water purification tablets over there. A mosquito net here. There’s the Thermarestィ and the sleeping bag. Wait! Where’s the tent? I know I brought it. Is it still in the back of the GTO? Shit. Did I forget it? Did it get packed into my storage […]

Ready Or Not?

Am I ready? My mind races through the long daunting list of to-dos that put me on edge. Friends and acquaintances that catch me either on the phone or around town grin ear to ear when they see me. “You must be so excited!” Others say “I don’t have to tell you to enjoy life […]

Not Ready.

I don’t think I’m ready. Though I’ve been working on this plan for more than two years, I realize that nothing can prepare you for the dichotomy of feelings and thoughts that run through my body. Excitement and Anticipation and sadness and loss I drove down the street where a new family has moved into […]