Hanging In Humboldt

Today I go with Johnny A and his girlfriend Kendra to pick up Sienna,
Kendra’s 9-year old daughter who will return home after two-weeks at
Camp Winnarainbow. These two-weeks were the first time Sienna and her
mom have been separated for such a time since birth. Camp Winnarainbow
is a joint venture of Wavy Gravy and Patch Adams (the Dr. played by
Robin Williams in the Hollywood film of the same name). This camp is
designed to teach children to experience and participate in the
performing arts. Walking into the camp I see a dozen or so teepees,
children on unicycles, stilts, walking troubadours with guitars and
faces painted as clowns. Older kids greet us with “Welcome To The
Future”. We watch an amazing show where the talented youngsters juggle,
sing, dance, perform poetry, act and perform music. If I had a kid, I
would definitely send them here. Very cool.

My motorcycle is safely tucked away and unpacked in Johnny A’s garage. A
box of Touratech parts awaits my attention and will have to wait until
Monday to be installed.

All is well in Northern California. Now I can truly regroup and work on
the next phase of my adventure. In a few days I’ll head through Oregon,
Washington, Vancouver Island and then on to Alaska.

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