Santa Cruz de la Sierra: Hot Town.

There’s nothing more demanding to your all your senses than riding into a large Latin American city. We’d been warned that Santa Cruz was hot, and that it was a huge city. We were advised that here we might find the most beautiful girls in Bolivia. And that this was the perfect launching pad for […]

Vallegrande. Another day. Samaipata & Santa Cruz.

Sometime in 1966 on a remote farm not far from here (Vallegrande, Bolivia) Che Guevara along with a rag tag team of militants set up a military camp. He hoped to liberate South America from social oppression and American Imperialism. He helped Castro topple the Fulgencia Batista Cuban dictatorship in 1959. As such was granted […]

Walking The Streets of Vallegrande – PodCast

It’s the middle of Dias de las Muertas and Allan is in Vallegrande, Bolivia — the final resting spot for Che Guevara’s body after he was executed by Bolivian troops under orders from the C.I.A. The streets are noisy with music, people hustling about and a groups of motorcyclists eager to join a caravan of […]

Vallegrande At Last.

Jeremiah rolling into Vallegrade with a grand Cristo welcome. The road to Vallegrande was actually much better. Not as much dust and recent rainfall had settled what little dust we might have contended with. We climbed mountains and descended into pretty valleys with tiny adobe outbacks passing men on horses, cattle crossing the road and […]

Ride The River – Video PodCast.

Join Allan and Jeremiah Watch the latest WorldRider Video PodCast as Allan & Jeremiah tackle a few water crossings, cruise the wild route from Sucre to Santa Cruz in this exciting and moving two minute motorcycle music video. Featuring new music from Eric Clapton & J.J. Cale, these two motorcyclists Ride The River – to […]

Dust. Dirt and the Way to Vallegrande.

Camping in a third world country always is an interesting proposition. You could be seemingly miles from anywhere and any population yet somehow someone shows up bringing a huge dose of curiosity. Last night while setting camp we were visited by three passersby and their eagerly aggressive and loud dogs. After a quick PodCast recording, […]

PodCast: First Day Woes.

This special PodCast comes live from our campsite out on the campasino in rural Central Bolivia. The day started out smooth and on pavement. But how we ended up camping off the main road can only be told through the words, pictures and sounds on this website. Tune in and join the wild ride of […]

The Journey Officially Begins – With A Slip, Slide and Crash!

It was the second water crossing of the day. Unlike the water crossings dual-sport adventure motorcyclists live for — . peaceful rushing creeks or rivers in wilderness areas or the occasional flooded desert wash — these water crossings were on the main road from Sucre — Bolivia’s official colonial capital city and the fourth largest […]

And I’m Off.

Jaime and Madeline, hospitable owners of Hotel Colonia Real in Sucre. An early start proved a bit too ambitious today. But in just a few moments I’ll fire up Doc and find my out of Sucre and headed to Santa Cruz after a night in Vallegrande – the last stomping ground of Che Guevara (The […]

WorldSmuggler – Adventure and Journey of The Illegal Motorcycle.

The Bolivian government could consider me a smuggler. At least that’s what the lawyer at the Aduana (customs) office in Sucre told Ferdy. The owner of the optical shop and proudly of a new Honda Deauville street touring motorcycle, Ferdy seems to know everyone in Sucre — and in Santa Cruz. Small framed and in […]