PodCast: First Day Woes.

This special PodCast comes live from our campsite out on the campasino in rural Central Bolivia. The day started out smooth and on pavement. But how we ended up camping off the main road can only be told through the words, pictures and sounds on this website. Tune in and join the wild ride of our woes on my first day back on this WorldRider journey.

Listen to the PodCast by clicking the PodCast icon below. If you use iTunes, subscribe to my PodCasts. Simply go to the iTunes Music Store, search for WorldRider and when my iTunes page pops up click the subscribe button.

Here are some photos that didn’t make the narrative post. I’ve kept them small so they’ll load quicker. Click to see the real action.

Drop And Crash  015 Drop And Crash  016

Drop And Crash  001 Drop And Crash  002 Drop And Crash  003

Drop And Crash  005 Drop And Crash  006 Drop And Crash  007 Drop And Crash  009 Drop And Crash  010

Drop And Crash  011 Drop And Crash  012

Drop And Crash  014

Photos of me and the mud courtesy of Jeremiah St. Ours.


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