Closing Up Life.

Attending to final business of closing up life. And then working on
packing strategy. I acquired many items in the last two weeks that I
haven’t even opened. My time for the last couple weeks was focused on
moving out of my house and selling my possessions. If my motorcycle had
feelings and could express such it would feel lonely and alienated.
Though we’d be together for a long time and become quite intimate with
each other, I had hoped we’d spend more time together prior to the
journey. With only 1,750 miles on the bike our relationship is still
new. We’re still testing the waters and understanding the limitations.

No this isn’t my first BMW F650GS. In 2003 I bought my first dual-sport
motorcycle specifically for my journey around the world. That bike and I
spent thousands of miles getting comfortable with each other. Journeys
to Wyoming, Utah, Arizona and Mexico were test runs for the big trip.
But a slight mishap last summer and a realization that I’d be better off
with a Dakar model (beefier suspension and larger (21″ vs. 19″ front
wheel.) Plus the new 2005 BMW dual sport thumpers came with a dual
sparkplug engine. The fuel-injected powerplant would run smoother and
run better on lower octane fuel.

I picked up the bike from BMW of Santa Cruz County in mid-April. One
long but quick jaunt to the Phoenix area was my only true test ride with
the new bike. In one day I road over 800 miles to Al Jesse’s place where
he installed the best panniers in the business.

Soon as my website takes life I’ll provide a detail list with
explanation of all of the modifications to my motorcycle. You’ll get a
chance to see what preparations I made to outfit the bike for a
worldwide adventure.

This website/blog will come alive over the next couple weeks as I work
with Jessica to make this happen. Just another to-do.

As dusk settles into Southern California I realize that today will not
be departure day.

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