Do What You Need To Do.


It’s been nearly two and a half years since I set out on this solo around the world journey by motorcycle. Now I sit on the Amazon River and contemplate my next moves. In my original plan I thought that it would be about now that I would be returning to my home, family and friends in the United States. But an unfortunate interruption in Bolivia which left my leg broken in three places meant I would return home for eight months to recuperate and eventually coordinate my return to Bolivia to reunite with Doc and to reconvene my journey.


You can check the side bar on the right side of this page to see actually how many days I have been on this journey and how many recovering or taking downtime. Now what do I do? My mind is like a maze where thoughts take me down so many paths. Yet I’m not sure where any ultimately lead. Decisions I make now have huge implications. Relationships with family, friends and loved ones have been stressed if not distanced by the time that has lapsed while I’ve been exploring North, Central and South America. My dream and goal has been to circumnavigate this great planet earth. I thought two-years and a few months would be sufficient to achieve this goal. I was wrong. Others have done it in shorter time, while still others have taken 4 years or longer. If I continue to push on I may lose someone very dear and close to me. If I don’t push on I lose my dream and potentially hamper my spirit. I’m torn, twisted and confused.


No one can make this decision for me. If I choose to stop, I may end up resentful, angry and disappointed. If I choose to go on I will cause resentment, disappointment and sadness in someone I’m not prepared to lose. Can she wait? Will she? Can I stop? Then what? Unlike some other nomadic traveling gypsies whom I’ve met either in person or through the motorcycle traveler community, I still have roots home and a desire to return, yet I’m drawn and beguiled by travel and fulfilling my dream. Travel is like a seductive mistress, I don’t want to say goodbye but perhaps it’s the best thing to do. No matter what I choose, the consequences and risks are grave.

Flower Shower

But I need to do what I need to do.

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  1. Jonathan Karl
    Jonathan Karl says:

    For what it’s worth: As your brother and your friend, I support your adventure and your pursuit of this dream. Of course, I do. I would also enthusiastically support your return home. We miss you, you legend.
    You’ve had the courage to take off on this improbable journey. I advised against it, because I knew I would miss you. And worry about you. But I also knew I would be proud of you, and I am. Sometimes even envious.
    Don’t be afraid to come home when it is time, even if you think your journey is not entirely complete. You’ve gone from the top of the world to the bottom. You’ve spent quality time in patagonia, body-surfed the Amazon, survived the drug lords in Columbia, explored Nicaragua and hiked through Machu Picchu. You’ve seen glaciers, ridden across Salar de Uyani and been mesmerized by Brazilian dancers. You’ve had two accidents in Evo Morales country and shared the road with a mildly psychotic riding partner. You’ve made some great friends and you’ve kept doc running smoothly for 40,000 miles. When you come home, we’ll open a bottle of Harlan and get started on that book.


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