Downtime In Loreto – Waiting For my shock.

Mission de LoretoWhile I’ve never been to La Paz, I’m sure it’s a marked contrast to this little town that was the capital of Baja California Sur ntil the early 1800’s when a hurricane leveled the town. The capital was then moved to La Paz.

With scenic mission, cobblestone streets, nice landscaping it’s a bit of Europe lost in Baja. And with a broken shock and a couple more days until my package arrives in Baja, I’m staying here for a few days.

Having explained my saga of losing Sacha, Jill knocked on the door this morning telling me she saw another bike in town that might belong to my friend. With directions and suggestion for breakfast, I hopped on one of the bicycles available to guests at Las Cabanas de Loreto and I sped into town.

Sure enough. With a bandana wrapped around his head, huge wrap around sunglasses and a few days of growth on his beard, there was Sacha picking the breaded fried material off his fish tacos and sucking down a fruit drink.

Loreto Beach - Along the Malecon

Bull Skulls Along Cobblestone Streets in Loreto

Turns out he made a wrong turn and got lost leaving Muleje yesterday and was behind me. We just never connected. Happy to connect again though Sacha will leave tomorrow for Cabo to hook up with friends from Los Angeles for a boys weekend bachelor party. No interest in Cabo nor riding pogo any extra miles than necessary, we plan to reconnect once again in La Paz when I’ve got my new shock ready to roll.

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