Eat, Drink & Ride With Me — In Portugal This Fall

I am so pleased to share some exciting news. I’ve been asked to join an exclusive ride and tour of Portugal. The best part is, up to 10 other riders can join me—maybe you? As guest of Portugal Motorcycle Tours, I will ride Doc, the same bike I rode around the world, and serve as a “VIP” guest-host for a weeklong adventure in Northern Portugal.

allan&miguelWant to join me? We hope to do one or two tours in September/October? When would you like to go?

I’ve agreed to participate in a few of these exclusive upmarket tours because of the people behind it, and the concept and approach they take to motorcycle touring: it’s about the ride, the culture, the cuisine—and most important: the people. This ride let’s people truly explore Portugal well off the beaten track.

Read on, this gets better.

Why Portugal?

Portugal—Off The Beaten TrackThe road less traveled. While its neighbors to the east and north might get more attention, the fact is Portugal hugs the wild Atlantic Ocean and is steeped in history, imposing landscapes, medieval towns, and a food and wine scene that begs discovery. Then there are the roads! It all adds up to a European adventure that few get a chance to explore and indulge in their lifetime.

Eat. Drink. Ride.

Why With WorldRider Travel & Tours With Portugal Motorcycle Tours?

portuguese-motorcycle-tour-logoOne of the most frequent questions—or requests—I get is “Allan, why don’t you offer WorldRider tours?” It’s an honest question. With my years of global riding experience, I do have insight, passion, and an interest in sharing the beauty of our great planet. So I’m pleased to announce we are now doing travel and tours. Stay tuned for more exciting travel!

portugal-rider-sunsetWhen I met Miguel, the president and ultimate host of Portugal Motorcycle Tours, he shared with me his passion and how his vision and dream of motorcycle touring adventures came to life. It didn’t take long to realize we were kindred spirits—sharing that passion for culture, food, wine and motorcycles. When he asked me to consider co-marketing branded WorldRider Travel & Tours.

The Right Balance of Adventure, Challenge, and Class

I’ve been asked to guide tours for other firms and opted against doing them. Why? I’d rather be more involved with the tour, in planning, promoting, and marketing. I will offer a limited number of WorldRider Travel & Tours—sometimes just once a year. No matter when or how often, you can be sure that the tour will be quality, professional and give you the opportunity to be a “WorldRider” as well.

IMG_1044So the more I looked at Portugal and the philosophy and passion that drives Miguel and his Portugal Motorcycle Tours, I realized that if I was ever going to help host, market and offer a WorldRider tour, this would be the best experience—not only for me, but for the limited riders on the tour, too. The Northern Portugal tour has just the right balance of adventure, challenging riding and yet it is all delivered as a five-star experience—something I never get a chance to participate in when traveling alone.

With the WorldRider Portugal Motorcycle Tours, riders just need to show up with their riding gear, helmet, and anything they want to pack on the bike. Everything else is provided: bike, insurance, fuel, food, wine, accommodations, and plenty of fun. And if you don’t want to bring your helmet and riding suit, I’m sure the folks at Portugal Motorcycle Tour will help fit you with what you need!

Culture, Cuisine, and Connection

portugal-food-tableThe WorldRider Northern Portugal Motorcycle Tour will take me and the other riders through Portugal’s grandest historical cities like Lisbon and Porto, but also the grand vistas of the Duoro River and Valley, and to remote and often forgotten villages of the far north near the border of Spain. And along the way we will be treated to home cooked regional cuisine prepared by families of friends of Miguel and his team at Portugal Motorcycle Tours.

Miguel explains, “I want you to experience the heart of our food culture. To sit at a warm welcoming family table where the wine and conversation flows through each and every delicacy of authentic regional Portuguese cuisine.”


The tour is limited to 10 riders.
You must book before the end of August.

The ride starts in Lisbon, Portugal sometime this fall, let Miguel know when you’d like to ride!

This is an all-inclusive first-class tour. Everything is included—even your BMW GS motorcycle.

Contact Miguel Oliveira for a comprehensive itinerary or shoot me an email and I’ll get you the info.

portugal-rider-riverFrom the backroads of Portugal’s north Atlantic coast, to the twisting and winding tarmac of the Douro Valley, where the corrugated lush green hills form the backdrop of one of the most exciting rides in Europe—it also takes us through one of its oldest wine region where vineyards stretch to the horizon. Miguel tells me we will head to a few villages where fewer than 10 people reside, families living there for generations. This is far from the checklist tourism that many companies lazily feature.

Fresh Regional Cuisine. Five-Star Accommodation.

Topping off at the end of each day of riding, we will be wined and dined by the most fresher and typical regional cuisine and relax in some of Portugal’s most exclusive and beautiful small hotels and inns. Here we’ll sip wine and share stories of the days ride and get excited about tomorrow’s adventure.

Here’s a taste of the historic country of Portugal’s northern region. It’s a 2 1/2 minute slide show that will give you a feel for what the lucky ten will experience this fall.

Exclusive Opportunity. Limited Availability.

As you know, I don’t often do this, but Miguel has me excited and convinced. As I write this blog post, my mind is dreaming and I can see myself riding Portugal this fall. I’m not sure how many riders have already booked this tour, but if you’re interested, book it now. Contact Miguel.

As part of my VIP hosting, I’m going to be shooting thousands of photographs as we eat, drink, and ride. I will also be documenting the entire adventure through my blog here—and broadcasting Periscope and Facebook Live segments. After the trip, each rider is going to get a personalized mini-book with photographs, stories and recipes from our journey—my gift to my new friends and riding buddies—as you know I like to say: there are no strangers, only friends you’ve never met.

I met so many people this winter as I toured with the Travel & Adventure Show across our great country. Many people I met asked if I would do a tour, or if you could possibly meet and ride with me somewhere—anywhere. This is our chance, to connect, ride and share. I look forward to seeing you in Portugal this Fall!

Eat. Drink. Ride. With Allan

WorldRider Travel & Tours Portugal Adventure Ride 2016

TBD September or October 2016.


BMW Adventure Motorcycle
All food & wine
Five-star accommodations
Personalized trip book written & photographed by Allan

FEE (we will do a less inclusive tour for less $$ too)

$9,673 for riders
7,594 for passengers

Does not include transportation to and from Lisbon, Portugal and additional food and wine than served and group meals.

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