Friends & Family: Buenos Aires

For those who have been following my journey for the past year or more, you might remember Daniel & Juan, two Argentina riders Jeremiah and I met when crossing the border from Chile into Argentina last December. Since that meeting I’ve had a chance to spend time with them in there home town of Bolivar, join them for another ride in April to the mountains outside of Cordoba, went to the Roger Waters concert with Daniel in Buenos Aires and several other get togethers in Buenos Aires.

He and Juan took off several weeks back for a two week trip to Bolivia. On the way to the Salar de Uyuni, Juan got tangled with another car and took a spill near Tupiza and cracked or broke a rib. They’ve cut their trip short and are now back in Bolivar. Daniel’s daughter, Victoria, goes to school near Buenos Aires so I had a chance to spend time with him and his family one last time before taking off to Africa. This time I had a chance to meet his brother Mario and his wife and son at the legendary San Telmo parrilla Desnivel. The photos can tell the story, but I certainly feel like family when with Daniel and his family and friends.

Desnivel Kids

Manoel (l) and Mario’s son review the menu at Desnivel (uneven in English…look at the paintings on the wall).

Allan Disnevel

  • Fun and laughs.

Brothers Robla

Brothers Robla: Mario and Daniel.

Mirna And Mrsmario

Mario’s wife and Daniel’s wife, Mirna.

Daniel Carne

Daniel and the best of the asado.

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