G! Fest — Rockin’ The Faroe Islands

IMG_0379Now in its 13th year, the G! Fest music experience, referred to the the Woodstock of the North Atlantic, is a three day music festival set in on the beach in the village of Syðrugöta, which has a population of just 400, on the island of Eysturoy. Two of the three stages are built on the beach against the backdrop of the Faroes’ jaw-dropping fjords‚ a landscape dominated by grass-carpeted mountains. According to the G! promoters, the festival is “caught between the peaks and the ocean, in a break between the cliffs skirting the coastline, Syðrugøta is set in an unrivalled natural amphitheater.”

It was here in the 11th century where the legendary Viking Tróndur í Götu confronted the Norwegians who were focused on Christianization of the Faroe Islands. Tróndur pronounced a curse against Christianity, beheading those who got in his way.

Things have changed in Syðrugøta. Now peace-lying and sustainable practices by green-thinking and acting citizens dominate the landscape among an eclectic mix of local and global musicians.

There is even a special beer made for the G! Festival and a unique carrier to take a 5-pack back to your group!

There is even a special beer made for the G! Festival and a unique carrier to take a 5-pack back to your group!



An amazing venue for the Woodstock of the Faroe Islands.

Syðrugøta on Eysturoy and with a population of barely 100 people, hosts the annual G! Festival in the Faroe Islands— An amazing venue for what they call the Woodstock of the Faroes.

IMG_0296-1Sponsors of the festival include local taxi companies who usher festival goers between Tórshavn and other towns and Gull, a local brewery that from the many vendors pouring fresh beer, I was amazed to see the optional 5-pack carriers allowing the ease of transporting multiple beers from tap to stage. Certainly in the USA vendors will demand IDs from anyone attempting to buy more than two beers. Yet here in the Faroes, a five-pack carrier is common and convenient.

IMG_0297As the hot pots are the rage in Iceland and the north Atlantic, festival goers also have the opportunity to enjoy a steaming hot pot and a cold plunge into the arctic sea. Yeah!

Johnny A and I decided to take the local bus to the G! Fest. Later in the evening, after the bus service stopped, we shared a cab with a couple Brits and enjoyed the conversation discussing Brexit and the impending election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Life is interesting, the music fun and interesting. Nothing like landing on a remote island and enjoying the music from the latest music festival in the Faroe Islands. We got to hear several locals and international acts including Lucy Rose, Sakaris, and Faroe Islands favorite Annika Hoydal.


Lucy Rose from the U.K. plays Faroe Islands G! Fest July 2016



Sakaris plays Faroe Islands G! Fest July 2016



Folk singer Annika Hoydal plays Faroe Islands G! Fest July 2016

Watch Sakaris live with some legendary Johnny A dancing thrown in — an Allan Cam capture from the Faroe Islands July 2016 at the G! Fest.

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