Ihlabela, Ubutubu & Paraty

Taking a 15 minute ferry ride from São Sebastão I cruised along the north eastern coast of the island until settling on a small hotel in Vila. The island was fairly quiet and as usual I shared the hotel with perhaps one other guest.

Saõ Seb Ihlabela4

Church on the square in São Sebastão

Saõ Seb Ihlabela5

Ferry boat ride to Ihlabela


Cafés along the water in Vila on the coast of the island.


Weather looming and scenic bay makes for a great afternoon walk.


Modern sculpture representation of the crucifixion in Vila.

Making my way further up the coast my next stop would be the colonial town of Parati (Paraty). But somehow I got turned around and lost taking a mountainous coastal road that soon had me heading back to the main highway toward São Paulo. Bad move. I had to turn around and the though of making Paraty before sunrise was a dream. So I found a cheap hotel in Ubutubu, a small beach town famous for its surf and hosting a surf championship that weekend.

Paraty Angra1

The main Ubutubu Beach. Great surfing.


Winding my way along the coast, through the mountains and along the jungle.

Paraty Brazil5

You need to stop once and a while to smell the roses… or at least catch a waterfall.

Paraty Brazil4

Paraty Angra10 Paraty Angra11

A hammock and getting out of riding gear perhaps is the best part of they day — knowing you got here.

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  1. Angie
    Angie says:

    GREAT photos Allan!!!! I loved the one with the boat on the bay and the evening shot of the restaurants in Vila! I want to be there RIGHT NOW :-)!!


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