IS IT IN MY HEAD? My Deal With Vertigo—A WorldRider Challenge!

If you haven’t watched my Journeys Webcasts, tuned into the YouTube Channel, or listened to the WorldRider podcast, you may have missed my whacky and humbling fight with vertigo. It started June 13, 2020, amid the pandemic and still challenges me two years later.

It’s often depressing.

Vertigo kills the motorcycle urge.

That night when I walked sideways into the doorframe and then the room started spinning uncontrollably changed my life forever. I brushed the whole incident aside. As the months passed and the lightheadedness and dizziness persisted, I withdrew, cried, and slept for days at a time. Nobody saw this. We were all locked down. I also hosted my Journeys Webcast nearly every Monday for over a year. Sure, I talked about my vertigo in the opening of those shows occasionally but never indeed revealed how the setback affected me.

I stayed off my motorcycle for over two years. A challenge to this WorldRider.

I certainly didn’t write about it here on the WorldRider blog. But I made several videos about it on my YouTube channel. So this video I’m posting with today’s post is an attempt to share my story of how I ended up here—in a lightheaded vertigo fog—as well as a quick brush through how I ended up doing this WorldRider thing.’ 

If you care, please take a few moments out of your day and catch up with me and how this nagging and depressing condition has changed my life. Below are additional links to video programs I’ve produced about this condition and my continued fight to return to normalcy—in my head.

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Vertigo & Motorcycles—My Story & How I Got Here…Vestibular Challenge

How did I get Vertigo and what’s the story?
Here are links so you can fill in the blanks:
Riding An Ambulance & The Epley Omniax Chair | A Wild Journey Through Vertigo:
Vertigo & Motorcycles—9 Months In—My Story & How I Got Here:
SAN DIEGO COAST BIKE CRUISE Channel Update & My Vertigo Status:
BREAKING NEWS! Vertigo Be Damned! What Am I About To Do?
Back On My Bike—My First Ride At Sunset In San Diego After Vertigo

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