There are a lot of great roads all over the world —to ride a motorcycle or drive a car. But riding THE MANI in the GREEK PELOPONNESE is one of my best motorcycle rides—ever.

Perhaps it was the quiet, desolate, arid, and peaceful environment. Or perhaps it was the colors, clouds, and craggy cliffs. No matter what, this video captures my thoughts, shares a bit of history, and wonders about the Mani and mainland Greece.

I hike out to the small church on the jetty to the left in this picture. Sailors from around the world moor and enjoy the lowest point in mainland Greece.

Sometimes I feel that the classic WorldRider blog gets lonely. That’s because I’ve been enjoying pouring through terabyte upon terabyte of video footage I’ve shot all over the world and creating short video segments for my YouTube Channel. A few weeks ago a reader of the blog and follower of my WorldRider.TV channel suggested that I post the newly produced videos on my blog. Not only would this keep it fresh and interesting, it allows readers who might not be YouTube subscribers the chance to watch the videos.

So I’ve decided to bring some of the video stories here to the blog—especially from places I may not have written a blog post. So watch for more video drops here on the WorldRider blog.

Ride The World With Me — I’M ON A QUEST: For culture cuisine, and connection — in every country in the world. For over ten years, I’ve been riding around the world alone on my motorcycle. I’m not going to stop until I’ve ridden through every country in the world. So jump over to YouTube and subscribe to my channel:

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