Journeys Webcast #8 | The Kindness Activist—From Uninspired To Adventurer & TV Host | Leon Logothetis

Meet Leon Logothetis—Host & Producer of the Netflix Series “The Kindness Diaries”

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From An Uninspired & Disconnected Stockbroker to Global Adventurer, TV Host, Kindness Activist, Philanthropist & Bestselling Author | Our guest on the 8th Episode of the Journeys Webcast, originally live-streamed during the height of the Coronavirus Pandemic and Nationwide Unrest Due to Police Brutality and the Racial Divide—On June 1st, 2020. Sign up for future FREE Livestream Journeys Webcasts at

A Journey From Chronic Depression to Hope

An adventure around the globe fueled by receiving and giving kindness—and the essence of humanity.

For over a decade, Leon Logothetis has traveled to over 100 countries and to every continent. He’s documented his experiences through his best-selling books and TV shows. Leon has devoted his life to inspiring the world with his message of kindness and hope. This is best shown through his Netflix series “The Kindness Diaries.”

About Leon Logothetis & The Kindness Diaries

  • The Journey To Realization | On the outside, it looked like he had it all. But inside, he was chronically depressed. He decided to do something radical about it – give it all up for a life on the road.
  • How Kindness Changed His Life Forever | Through kindness, he discovered that when we start to compare ourselves by our similarities instead of our differences, we start to create a brighter future.​​​​​​​
  • Inspiring & Igniting Brands To Bring Spark of Love, Adventure & Humanity To Their Message | When he’s not making TV shows and writing books, he’s traveling around the world, speaking to schools and businesses about the power of kindness, compassion, and empathy.​​​​​​​


Inspired by the need to connect, travel, and imagine, Allan Karl started the Journeys Webcast on a dare and whim. It’s grown into an internet fave gathering where guests from all over the world share stories, ideas, and tips. The Journeys Webcast is a weekly live stream event where travelers, entrepreneurs, vintners, chefs, musicians, authors, speakers, and ordinary people living extraordinary lives come together for an hour of storytelling, inspiration, idea-sharing, and connection.

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