Leaving Buenos Aires – Not me.

For my guests, one last day in Buenos Aires. Sad to see them go as for the first time on this journey I felt it possible to share the experiences, vistas and excitement of traveling and seeing this beautiful continent with people close to me. But the realities of their lives in the states and the warped reality of traveling this grand continent by motorcycle must continue. I’ve yet to get to Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil. So while I bid farewell to my visitors, my mind races with questions — “what am I going to do now?”.

Here are a few photos of that last day in Buenos Aires. Enjoy!

Angie Subte

Taking a ride in Buenos Aires Subte (subway).

Buenos Aires Obelisk

The Obelisk stands proud and well… erect.

Buenos Aires Bldgs

The day draws to a close.

Bsas Sunset Building


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