Live Video of Desert Warrior Rolling at Baja 500

It was just by a quirk of luck or maybe bad luck, that I mounted my Canon S95 inside Darkcyd Racing Team’s Desert Warrior before team manager Tara Rill strapped herself in for her inaugural ride in their new desert rally vehicle. But what was supposed to be a quick loop or two around the test track at Estero Beach Campground turned out to be fateful mishap that tested the entire team.

As driver and team owner Robb Rill slid into a 70 or 80 degree turn, one that had been rutted and dug deep on the outside, the outside wheels caught a lip and the new Desert Warrior went into a slow motion roll and landed on the drivers side.

This video captures that crash from the point of view of the driver and co-driver, in this case Robb’s wife, partner and team manager Tara. I shot the other footage of the vehicle as it ran around the test track. What you see is surprising if not, in hindsight, a true test of endurance.


Darkcyd Racing Baja 500 2011 – Rolling Car On Test Track from Allan Karl on Vimeo.

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