Lively Athens @Night: A Video Update

I carry a lot of ‘technology’ on my bike. Perhaps too much. Yet that’s what drives me, to capture through words, pictures, sound, and motion the energy and excitement of an adventure like this. All that technology takes up space and weighs a lot. I carry a DSLR, three lenses, a MacBook Pro, portable hard drives, action cameras from SENA and GoPro, a small drone, an OSMO Mobile, audio recorder for Podcasts, and of course, the “Allan Cam”, a Canon VIXIA mini that I use in my television show to capture intimate moments and provide viewers a different perspective from the external cameras following me around.

Of course the challenge of all this gear, beyond the space and additional weight it consumes on the bike, is finding the time to use it and then create something from it. Then there is the challenge of adequate internet access—broadband. The last thing I want to do is sit around in my room or a café waiting for uploads, downloads, or otherwise just keeping up. We all know that too much time spent with your eyes on your screen takes away from experiencing “real life.” Yet in my case, I’ll do my best to provide balance—and provide you with a more dynamic way to travel and experience the world with me.

So, I shot this update last night, just under ten minutes, after getting a further update from the folks at Vagianelis regarding the motorcycle. So tune in and look for more updates via video as I make my way around Greece and beyond.

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