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Yesterday I heard from Gregor, the Slovenian biker I met in Jordan a few years back. As I noted in February, Gregor and his wife made plans to visit the United States. This was actually a backup plan since they’d originally planned to ride from Slovenia to Egypt. But the tumultuous mideast caused them to change plans.

Phoning from Phoenix, Gregor told me it’s been extremely hot. Having traveled to the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley in the recent days, he also told me that he had to turnaround after trying to get into Sequoia National Park. Why? Too much snow.

Welcome to the west, Gregor and Ana!

They are winding down a two-week trip to the western states, but this journey in a car. “It’s not so good, in a car,” Gregor confided. “Really traveling by bike is the best way,” he admitted, noting that had there been more time he might have brought his bike from Slovenia. The rental rates in the states for motorcycles are just too expensive.

I expect to see them midday tomorrow and they’ll stay the night before heading north to catch a plane out of Los Angeles to head back to Slovenia.

I am very excited to see them, as during my travels I relished in the camaraderie, companionship and hospitality from motorcyclists all over the world. My door is always open, and I look forward to hearing about their adventures, and perhaps have a chance to interview them for an upcoming WorldRider podcasts. Stay tuned.

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