Making My Way Back To California

As I feverishly work to get current on this blog, it’s time to document yet another transcontinental ride. While hanging with friends and family on the east coast has certainly been warm, exciting, tasty and fulfilling, it’s time I get back home — to California where more loved ones, friends and family eagerly (I hope!!) await my arrival.

Even better, I received an odd email from a fellow motorcyclists. Odd only in the fact I was sure that Carl aka CrazyCarl (a contributing donor and “Friend of WorldRider”), was still riding motorcycles, teaching English and making films in China. But guess what? He just moved back to the states and is working and living very close to Jon. Though a WorldRider party/open house at Jon’s had to be postponed until later in October, Carl and I managed to squeeze in a couple hours for some Thai food the night before I headed back to California. Carl has filmed a documentary about riding Chinese motorcycles around the rural westerly provinces of China — they’re available for purchase here.

IMG_1718 (2)_2.jpg

Crazy Carl and brother Jonathan contemplate Thai Food in McLean, Virginia.

I packed up the bike with all systems seemingly ready to go. Because Avon supported me with tires yet wishing not to be wasteful, I loaded the Avon Gripsters on the back of Doc and took off for my first stop — Avalon, New Jersey — where I will visit my friend Tim at his beautiful home just steps from the sand and the Atlantic Ocean. After all, I should be sure to do this trip from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Right? I motored up through Maryland and Delaware taking the ferry across the bay from Lewes. We spent quality time catching up. Since I last saw Tim in South America in February of 2007, he has climbed Mount Rainer, Mount Acongagua in Argentina and Denali (Mt. McKinley) in Alaska. So while my adventures have been taking me to new places, his have taken him to new heights. We celebrated with some great Argentinean, Italian and French Wines at local Avalon eateries Sea Salt and Jay’s.

I couldn’t leave the East Coast without a quick stop in the grandest city of the world – New York — where Tim’s other residence has panaromic views of Midtown Manhattan and the Empire State Buidling.

Joining Tim and I in Avalon was our friend and Tim’s co-worker Joanne — a contributing “Friend of WorldRider” I’d like to note — and I headed up the parkway toward the Big Apple. Excited to bring Doc full circle and to see if we could get some photo opportunities with those landmarks that make New York famous. So when we rode into Liberty Park in Jersey City I was happy that the two Jersey State Park Police were both motorcyclists. After explaining my plight around the world on Doc, they agreed to let me wheel the motorcycle on the promenade so we could snap some photos of Doc and I finally returned to the land of freedom and our United States with the classic Icon of Lady Liberty, Ellis Island and the Manhattan skyline all symbolizing what makes this country so great.


Deleware celebrating an important week for both riders and drivers.


Over the Bay Bridge, through Maryland and Delaware to the Lewes – Cape May Ferry where Doc and I sailed to New Jersey.


Joanne and Tim playing in the Atlantic.


A glass of vino in the Atlantic isn’t a bad idea either.


Sunset the day before we took off for New York City.


Sunrise the morning off to New York City. One last gander at the Atlantic and a bit of sand riding for the hell of it.


Cruising to the Big Apple


Explaining my plight and looking for permission to take Doc onto the Promenade at Liberty Park in Jersey City.


[…] secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity […]


The Journey Continues and Hello New York!


My favorite New Jersey Park Police – also bike riders! IMG_0421_2.jpg

The Big Apple.


Times Square.

5 replies
  1. LPlatt
    LPlatt says:

    Allen: Last I heard you were down with the lumbago after laying down your bike in East Blowjob, South America (2005?). What’s up, pal? e-mail me.

  2. koryelogan
    koryelogan says:

    I’m proud of your adventure and better for sharing the experience with you via your postings. On your way home across America, I invite you to visit one of the most scenic biking regions in the country which also happens be one of our nation’s best AVAs.
    Yes there are some wonderful wines in the Texas Hill Country; and we saved the classic European regions from the phylloxera epidemic. Check it out and then come and visit us for awhile:,3997,33,00.html
    We’ll empty our modest cellar for you Allan.
    Korye & Family

  3. TheDarkDestroyer
    TheDarkDestroyer says:

    Hey Bro’…. I was gutted to see Doc is such poor shape after the journey from Turkey… Wish I had been able to get my s**t together so that we could ride across the States together… Ah well, I’ll just have to look you up on my way up from South America…
    Take it easy AK…
    PS Hope the Black Cat Energy Bars and Jambos will help you get to California…

  4. David
    David says:

    Hi Allan!
    I’ve followed most of your posts but must have missed the one about why you decided to return home now? It’s been fun following your adventure and I’m curious as to why you decided that now was the time to return.
    Looking forward to the reading about the rest of your journey across the USA!

  5. Michael P
    Michael P says:

    Hey Allan,
    Welcome back. I haven’t commented for awhile but I have followed your journey with a lot of curiosity. I’d love to get together, perhaps have some Peruvian cuisine and hear about your plans.
    Sorry to hear about your loss on the trip back to the states but glad you’re back safe


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