More. More. And More Mendoza.

Another great thing about having friends visit while I’m on this WorldRider journey is that unlike me, my visitors and companions during their stint south of the equator are interested in making the most of their limited time here. As such, I have the oppotunity to drink great wine and experience some of the finest dining in the area.

Food and wine are a great match. And while Tim and I have toured other great wine regions of the world, my mode of travel on this motorcycle trip is rather different. Because I have so many days on the road it’s important to eat, sleep and drink modestly. I need to make the limited funds I’ve budgeted last. But with my friends not only brought their smiles, cheer, enthusiasm but incredible generosity too.

So while in Mendoza (and Chile, Buenos Aires and soon Villa de La Angostura) it’s a pleasure to report that that I’ve had incredibly great doses of wining, dining and laughing with my friends. And here I share with you more from our collection of “having fun with cameras, food and wine” series of photographs and memories.

Angie Tim Catena Barrels

Hanging in the barrel room at Catana Zapata.

Catenta Zapata Winery

Catena Zapata winery is modeled after the great pyramids of the Mayans

Catena View

View from Mayan pyramic of Catena Zapata looking toward the Andes. — photo by Tim Amos.

Angie Bourgougne Scallops

Delectable scallops and fennel risotto.

Angie Bourgogne

Angie takes in the best of the vineyard views at Borgougne Restaurant in Mendoza.

Tim Explains

Tim explains the flavors, aromatic notes and why Mendoza wines excel in this climate.

Peppers Eggplant

Egglplant, roasted peppers and just a delectable salad.

Angie Andes Beer

Well, we don’t always drink wine. Angie showing off her Martini while a couple bottles of Andes beer sit awaiting.

Borgougne Dead Vines

Outside the dining room of La Bourgogne in Mendoza old vines provide scenic foreground to the lavendar, vines and Andes in the background.

Bourgogne Pour

Always start lunch off with a chilled bottle of white. No?

Cheese Cake (1)

Postre? Dessert?

Angie Fig Dessert

Alta Vista Alto Bourgogne

The Alta Vista 2002 Alto was perhaps the best wine we tasted in Mendoza.

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