Morning Ride From Vis to Sibenik

I return to the scene of the crime, but not for long, I motor out of Split and head north to Sibenik

At 4:15 AM the new ‘gentle’ wake up alarm on my iPhone sounds off. It’s still dark outside. The ferry leaves from the town of Vis at 5:30. It’ll take me fifteen to twenty minutes to get there. I pack up the rest of my things, do a “dummy check” of the apartment; looking under the bed, in the bathroom, and kitchen. 

With everything secured and tied down on the bike; my gloves, and helmet on, I cringe when I turn the key on. The bright LEDs of my PIAA running lights brighten the dull dark of dusk. With my thumb, I flick the ignition switch on and then press the start button. Doc fires right up. But my exhaust is noisy. There’s a rattle in the can too. I’ve got to repack the exhaust in Zagreb. I whisper “I’m sorry.” and look to see if any lights came on in the homes that surround this lane, and tower from the other paths down the hill. Nothing. I pull the clutch, pound the shifter down and release. I proceed slow but must rev to get up the hill. The sound echoes off the concrete walls of the lane. 

I ride for 100 meters and then it’s clear. I’m on the road. Phew. I don’t want to be that guy—the noisy motorcyclist. Not at 4:30 in the morning.

In Vis, there is a handful of other travelers, two on motorcycles and a few backpackers in line at the ferry office. There’s a short line of vehicles in a queue to board the ship, most of them commercial trucks. I figure this early ferry is the commerce run. There are others later this morning, but only for pedestrians. The next auto ferry leaves here at 3:30 PM. That’s too late.

This cutie wanted to go for a ride; he wanted to ride. New WorldRiders are inspired every day by Doc and this crazy journey. Hop on!

A few moments later I roll the bike onto the ferry, find a cozy spot in the lounge and hunker down, hoping to catch more sleep during the two and a two-and-a-half ride.

I am very excited that later today I will meet Alen BibicH, a legendary Croatian winemaker. I tasted his wine the last night I was in Split—a reserve blend named R6 reserve. I loved it. So, after sharing with him my new “CORKS” project, Marko from Bokeria in Split suggested I visit the BibicH Winery and connect with him.

It will take a couple hours to get there, but my appointment isn’t until 1 PM. So with a few hours to kill I head to Sibenik, a small town on the coast about an hour drive from Split.

Croatian Fashion. Stripes. Stripes. And more stripes. Everyone loves stripes in Croatia. Though you can find some polka dots and solids, but these are tourist only offerings!

I find a small cafe on the waterfront near old town, and with some strong coffee and reasonable WIFI, I set to work. While I’d love to wander the old town and get more of a flavor of Sibenik, I must catch up and be prompt and ready to continue my education on Croatian wine and history.

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