Oh No! Vertigo? Vestibulations About Vestibular Challenges and Therapy.

WorldRider Allan Karl in the Epley Omniax Chair in the San Diego office of Dr. Ian Purcell aka “The Dizzy Doctor.”

After fourteen months of crazy covid coronavirus cabin fever in lockdown, things are looking up. When I look up these days, I get a big head-rush, a feeling of weirdness. After the last eleven of those months, I’m still in a fight with a floaty-boaty lightheaded feeling brought on by a vertigo episode last June.

Vertigo is complicated. Some who suffer can find a quick cure through positional movements such as the legendary Epley maneuver. Others, like me, find that recovery will be a much longer journey. I’m certainly not afraid of long journeys, as you know. I’ve also learned that the most important thing to pack in your suitcase or saddlebags for a long journey is patience.

So I’m waiting and working—in therapy. It’s called vestibular therapy.

I will keep the writing part of this post short as the video below packs plenty of info and story into about fifteen entertaining minutes. So I encourage you to take a few moments and catch up on my latest journey and how I got here.

I’ve spent a lot of time during lockdown resurrecting video footage from my travels all over the world and thus have compiled quite an extensive library on the WorldRider.tv YouTube Channel. I’m sure you’ll enjoy some of the production, cinematic drone scenes, riding footage, and my colorful commentary.

Can I ask you a favor? Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel. I’m just a couple hundred subscriptions short of the YouTube requirement of 1,000. Everyone who subscribes to my blog or reads this will be entertained. So here’s a one-click link to subscribe  — thank you so much!


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  1. George Walther
    George Walther says:

    Although I’ve known you for years, I learned so much from this video and love knowing the backstory of your travels, past business endeavors, and the vertigo challenge. “Boatey’s” a fine word. Your sense of production with the quick cuts and cutaways are so so well done and natural. Super job.

    • allan
      allan says:

      Thank you George for your kind words! I figured it was time to share more of my story—my journey—and am happy you learned a bit more. I had fun making the video and enjoying sharing more and more on my YouTube Channel!


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