Parking Violation: Salta, Argentina

Travel overland whether by motorcycle or other means inevitably brings about challenges. Some of the fun of this type of travel is surmounting these challenges and solving problems. These things can be as trip-interrupting as a broken leg or as minor as a lost pair of glasses. But here in Salta while unloading my bike the crown of the street combined with my shorter and hobbled together kick-stand presented the latest challenge for this motorcycle traveler.

As my bike sat precariously balanced near the curb outside the hotel, a slight push as I dismounted caused the bike to topple over land land on the street. All is still okay, but I’m sad to say that my Jesse bag took the brunt of the force as the bike slowly fell onto the road. At first glance it just appeared that the aluminum bent a bit. But while filling gas on the way to Cafayate I notice that my problem was bigger than originally thought.

Salta Bikedrop

Ooooops. (photo by Miah)

Jesse Bag Hole2

Jesse Bag Hole3

Jesse Bag Hole1

It seems the weld in the Jesse box was stressed and split. Now my Jesse bag is compromised, I just hope that I will be able to find a someone with the skill and equipment to re-weld the box. Or I will have to straighten in out and try to seal it with epoxy. Cafayate is very small town. So once again, the challenge to solve a problem will keep me busy and delay my visit to the bodegas (vineyards/wineries) of Cafayate.

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  1. Randy
    Randy says:

    Merry Christmas Allan !!
    Maybe you need an addditonal WorldRider Tracker category: # of times repaired bags: 🙂
    Doc is probably thinking: ” hey and you thought I was going to be a problem, all these things do is ride along and they still give us trouble” okay, so much for my christmas humour. Have a great Christmas Allan … where are you planning to spend it and will you be with any fellow riders? take care,
    ps, as a cyclist, I love the look of those paved switchbacks on the trans andean highway… how high was that climb or descent?


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