Picking Up Doc—My Trusty BMW Motorcycle

IMG_6123I would have preferred to ride my motorcycle from California to the East Coast for the Forks on Tour ’14, but that journey, due to limited time, would have required me to jet across this country on interstates and freeways — not my preferred travel routes. Instead, I opted to ship the motorcycle to Pittsburgh. I hoped the bike would arrive before the Narcisi Winery event, but I had to pick it up the next day.

Working with the extremely competent and reliable team at Federal Motorcycle Transport, my bike safely arrived to the shipping terminal in Freedom, Pennsylvania without issue. I’ve used Federal several times in the past, if you need to ship a motorcycle and you want the best care and attention to your bike, don’t trust your bike with anyone else.

I’m now heading to Detroit for the next Book Tour event. With Doc in the back and a big pallet of books, I look forward to visiting Motown or Motor City and sharing more stories and meeting new friends.

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